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Meek Mill net worth 2020

Alexander Alexeenko - 18.06.20 (updated 18.06.20)

Robert Rihmeek Williams, professionally known as Meek Mill, is an American rapper and hip-hop artist. Meek Mill net worth assets were derived from his musical sales and some lucrative endorsement deals.

A lot of Meek Mill’s net worth money comes from selling albums and visiting tours. Besides music, another way that he makes money is with the approval of famous people and brands.


1. Professional life and Meek Mill's net worth

Robert Rihmeek Williams, otherwise known as Mick Mill, is a well-known American hip-hop record master who went on his melodic adventure in rap battles, and today he is one of the most extravagant and outstanding artists. His rap group, The Bloodhoundz, turned into rage in a rap fight that circled the cross over America, and Mick got a big name in the early days of his career after his rap collection.

The main breakthrough for Mill came in 2008, when he signed an agreement on his first record with Atlanta-based rapper T.I. Mick recommended several shortcuts in his profession to find a better work environment and creative opportunities. He has been embraced Puma items since 2012. Looking at Meek's rap effort, were we curious to know where Meek Mill's net worth is?

Meek Mill raised over $ 1 million from sales of its album and $ 665,834 from sales of his songs. One of his best-selling collections was Dreams and Nightmares in 2012. More than 414,000 copies were sold, which earned him $ 4.5 million. Royalties allowed to accumulate Meek Mill net worth.

His platinum singles “All Eyes on You” and “R.I.C.O” were sold one million each, although over the years he released 20 singles. Today, Meek Mill's net worth is around $ 20 million.

2. Meek Mill net worth and social media activity

YouTube was one of Mill's greatest ways to get paid and a source of payment for it. According to different sources, Meek Mills earned $ 6 million only on YouTube, and there are different types of salaries that are not yet disclosed. For rappers, performing on the show is an unusual way to communicate with their fans, but ticket sales for the show are really growing rapidly.

So how rich is Mick Mill? Allegedly, Mill has earned more than $ 13 million from his show deals over the years. Since 2012, Mick has been constantly touring. Usually he performs somewhere in the range from 7 to 75 performances in booked arenas, in a place that can serve from 2500 to 20,000 spectators collectively.

With these numbers, cash is easy to get. The annual live performance earned Meek Mill an average of over $ 3 million. Like most big names, movies and music deals can mean a lot of money. Meek Mill is the same that he recognized the various approval agreements, they received a lot of dollars for the rapper.

Two or three of his huge endorsements with Puma, Amazon, and Monster Energy. It is believed that Mill received $ 5 million from the approval of his brand, which increases its total assets. From September 2017 to September 2018, Mick earned $ 15 million, which was enough to make him one of the 20 most generous rappers on earth.

So how much money does Meek Mill have? As of 2020, Meek Mill's net worth is estimated at $ 20 million.

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