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Maluma net worth 2020

Alexander Alexeenko - 17.06.20 (updated 17.06.20)

Juan Luis Londogno Arias, better known as “Maluma”, began to sing in a cafe, and his songs later got on the radio. Initially, he stood out with his song “Loco”. Let's take a closer look at how much Maluma’s net worth and how he made his fortune?


1. Maluma net worth and contracts

Today, Maluma’s net worth is estimated at around several million dollars.This Colombian singer signed with Sony Music Colombia. Maluma net worth completes mainly of salary is his music profession. With each of these undertakings, he accumulated wealth. Looking at the singing performed by Maluma, we were curious to know where Maluma’s net worth is?

On the Internet, the Maluma Vevo account has more than 10 million subscribers and has gained more than 6 billion views. His VEVO YouTube account offers him an impressive amount of revenue. Reports show that Vevo Streams pays him $ 15,000 for every 1,000,000 views he gets on YouTube.

Most of Maluma’s wealth comes from his listings, articles, and tariffs. In addition, acquires money from the world around the world through our interests. Royalties allowed to accumulate Maluma net worth. A sweet voice and a special manner of performance made him popular not only in Spanish-speaking countries. These tunes are used in television series, as well as in movies.

2. Who is Maluma and what is his net worth

"Maluma", a Colombian singer and songwriter, is a reggaeton singer and is best known for his sweet sentimental singing style. Maluma spent his childhood growing up with his older sister. At first he was inspired by football. As a child, he began to play football and studied in elementary school. Being a devoted athlete, he played various games, including volleyball, table tennis, chess and much more.

At some point in elementary school he became interested in music as a pastime. He sang to feel better, and gradually he began to move forward. When he entered high school, he was already a decent singer and admired Michael Jackson (MJ). He says that it was just because of MJ that he graduated as an artist.

Maluma used to be romantically connected with different ladies. However, after a relationship with more than seven girls, he has no children with them. His online fame and catchy tunes have captured Sony Music Colombia, and now they have a contract for several million dollars. His real name is Juan Luis Londiono Arias. He is best known for his singing reggaeton tenor, who is fascinating at the same time.

Maluma is an extremely talented and gifted Colombian musician and best vocalist. Sony Music Colombia has signed a contract with Maluma to record songs for its label. Juan Luis Londogno Arias is known and known for his stage name "Maluma". His only dream was to become a pop singer, and his family constantly supported him in any circumstances.

The Sony Music contract allowed the Colombian singer to realize his dream as a fruitful artist. Today Maluma’s net worth is estimated at about $ 12 million.

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