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What is YBN Сordae’s net worth

Alexander Alexeenko - 17.06.20 (updated 17.06.20)

YBN Cordae is a famous resident of Waldorf, Maryland, but his original birthplace is Raleigh, North Carolina. His youthful experience began when his father pushed him to listen to hip-hop music. Read and learn interesting facts from the bio and YBN Сordae net worth.


1. Early life and YBN Сordae net worth

His father constantly played classic hip-hop, including songs by artists such as Rakim, Nas, Big L and Talib Queli. This influenced the fact that Dunston began to write rap at the age of 15, as well as the growing interest in him. Dunston began to find more artists on YouTube that influenced him to write similar lyrics that he liked. Although he wanted to devote more time to study, he was often distracted by writing texts.

Finally, as a teenager, his three mixtapes - Anxiety (2014), I So So Anxious (2016) and I So So Anonymous (2017) were released under the pseudonym Entender. In 2015, he graduated from high school and moved to University at Towson University. He later dropped out of University in 2018 and soon moved to Los Angeles. It’s too early to talk about YBN Сordae net worth.

2. Music career and YBN Сordae net worth

YBN Сordae net worth: salary and income per year may vary depending on several enterprises as an entertainer. While in Los Angeles, he soon became a member of the YBN after wandering around with members of YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay. He later realized that his name must be different and changed from “Entender” to “YBN Cordae”.

In May 2018, under his new name, he released his first single entitled “Acquaintance to the World”, a music video for the song was presented by WorldStarHipHop Youtube. The single “Acquaintance to the World” was influenced by Eminem's My Name Is, released in 1999. He later released tracks such as Fighting Temptations and Kung Fu separately. Then YBN Cordae arrived in 28 cities along with Juice Wrld, Lil Mosey and Blake to travel to the WRLD North American Dominant Tour, which began from May to September 2018.

On August 2, 2018, they announced their official YBN mixtape, which was unveiled on September 7, 2018, and released their singles “Pain Away” and “Scotty Pippen” with music videos on August 23, 2018. Royalties allowed to accumulate YBN Сordae net worth. On January 28, 2019, Cordae released another tune called “Locationships,” and in March he released “Have Mercy,” both with a music video on YouTube.

The single “Have Mercy” became the lead single of his debut studio album, The Lost Boy, which was released July 26, 2019, and then released “Bad Idea” and “RNP” as the second and third singles from the collection separately. On June 20, 2019, YBN Cordae became the holder of the title of one of the participants of the XXL Newcomer of 2019.

YBN Cordae Net Worth: Most of YBN Cordae's net worth and the money he earns come from working as a rapper and singer-songwriter. Today, the net worth of YBN Cordae is estimated at 500 thousand dollars.

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