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What is “Deku” meaning for anime hero

Alexander Alexeenko - 08.06.20 (updated 08.06.20)

Deku meaning is related to Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, is the main protagonist of the manga and anime "My Hero Academy". Despite the fact that he was born without a quirk, he managed to attract the attention of the legendary hero Almighty, after which he became the ninth user of the oddity One for All and got the opportunity to enter Yui Academy at the heroic faculty. You’ll know about Deku meaning after readaing this article.


1. Deku meaning in anime

Deku meaning could be described as a boy, Izuku, he has large green eyes and black curly hair with green highlights, as well as freckles. During his studies at Junior Primary School, he wore a black Gakuran uniform with yellow buttons. In Yuey, he wears a standard male uniform: a light gray suit over a white shirt and dark green pants, along with a red tie that he does not tie properly, which makes him look shorter than necessary. Izuku usually wears extra-large red boots. Initially, he was very thin, but after training with the Almighty, Deku meaning Izuku gained well-developed muscles.

The first heroic costume of Izuku is a light green jumpsuit with a red belt, black elbow and knee pads, white gloves, red shoes and white accents. He also wears a mask with ear-shaped protrusions that resemble the Almighty’s hairstyle, and a mask with a smile on it. During the “Unshown Entry Exam”, when his suit is being repaired, Izuku wears his sports uniform: a blue tracksuit with white lines covering his body and letters from Yue Academy.

2. Deku meaning: outlook of Izuku

The second heroic Izuku costume changed slightly: the green color became darker, the white inserts on the torso became dark gray, the ear-like protrusions became shorter, and the lower part of the mask is now metallic. But overall, the overall design of the costume has not changed. Originally, the word "Deku" meaning and referred to as a simple wooden doll or puppet, and when we tell someone that it is Deku, it means that he or she is a useless person. Therefore, we can safely conclude what the nickname Decu means to Izuku.

After the battle with Shoto, the fingers on the right hand were slightly deformed, and two scars appeared on the sides of the hand. His right hand received several more scars after a fight with Muscle. After recovery, Izuku wears a compression sleeve on his right hand to prevent new injuries.

Deku meaning generally to a timid, friendly and polite child. At the beginning of the narrative, because of his childhood mockery because he was born without a Fad, he looks sandwiched and inexpressive, especially against Katsuki. Nevertheless, after entering Yuey and winning the “Trial Battle” against Katsuki, he became more confident and bold.

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