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Achievements, awards and Steven Furtick’s net worth

Alexander Alexeenko - 08.06.20 (updated 08.06.20)

Stephen Furtik, chief pastor of the Ascension Church of Charlotte, North Carolina, is a well-known author of books such as Sun Stand Still, Greater and Crash the Chatterbox (two best-selling books in New York), Unqualified, and Seven Mile Miracle. If you are interested in reading information about Stephen Furtik's net worth, you should continue reading this article.


1. Early years, career and Steven Furtick net worth

Furtick was born in 1980 at Moncks Corner in South Carolina, where he attended Berkeley High School. He continued his education at the University of North Greenville and received a degree in communications. In addition, he received a master's degree in theology from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Decent education can be called the key to Steven Furtick net worth.

At the age of 16, he read Jim Cymbala's book, Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, and felt the need for a church shepherd in a large city. He was the music director at the Church of Christ Testament Church in Shelby, North Carolina, after which he went to Charlotte and Ascension Church. The first service of this church was in 2006. It’s too early to talk about an impressive Steven Furtick net worth. Furtik and his wife Holly have three children - Graham, Elijah and the Abbey.

His career began when he became a pastor in local churches. It is considered one of the reasons churches have received more than 20,000 inconsistent visits in 15 different places (recent visit to Charlotte). In addition, Outreach Magazine named Elevation one of the 100 fastest growing churches in the country. This allowed to start saving Steven Furtick net worth.

In addition to his ministry, Furtik is known for public speaking, both in the United States and around the world. In other words, he was a guest speaker at many events, such as the C3 Conference 2012 (introduced by Ed Young Jr.), in 2012 (as usual), but he was recalled in 2011. Nubels, as well as compared with 2012 and 2013 (as it turned out, it was in the Prizre).

In addition, in 2015 he was a speaker at the Domination Camp meeting, while in 2016 he participated in the Tax Association in Lyndon. His church donated $ 40,000 to her partners in 2008, nobody knows was there a part of personal Steven Furtick net worth. It so happened that partners were encouraged to share money from envelopes with others. The media closely monitored this donation and attracted a lot of public attention.

Since 2006, the Ascension Church, led by Furtik, has provided more than $ 100 million to global or local partners. In addition, a partnership with Anthony Fox in 2011 was founded to give 100,000 hours, as well as $ 750,000 to serve Charlotte’s people.

2. Achievements, awards and Steven Furtick net worth

When it comes to Furtik's accomplishments, the greatest of these is the pastor of the Ascension Church in Charlotte. Thus, he can influence the development of the church, as well as communicate with the audience in order to pass on his spiritual knowledge to everyone who is interested in teaching.

Steven Furtick net worth estimated at around $ 50 million. Part of his income is due to the fact that he was the pastor of numerous churches, while some of his fortunes come from his writing skills, given the fact that he is an author.

As for the general review of Steven Furtick net worth, we can say that it has increased since 2015. In addition, given the fact that the books he wrote were a great success, and that he will continue to write books in the future, it is expected that in the future his earnings will become higher.

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