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Hannibal Buress net worth, career and personal life

Alexander Alexeenko - 08.06.20 (updated 08.06.20)

Hannibal Buress has established himself in the industry as one of the best comedians on stage. In addition to this, he is also known as an actor, as well as a producer and writer. His breakthrough came when he appeared on Comedy Central at The Awkward Comedy Show. Since then, he has appeared on television and in various shows many times. It should be added that he also released several comedy albums.

The first one is called “My Name is Hannibal,” and it was released in 2010. We must also add that he worked as a voice actor. Read and learn interesting facts from the bio and Hannibal Buress net worth.


1. Personal life and Hannibal Buress net worth

He was born on February 4, 1993 as Hannibal Amir Bress. He was born in Chicago, USA. His father's name is John Burress and his mother is Margaret Buress. It should also be added that he was brought up in a part of Chicago called Austin. As for his education, we can say that he studied at Steinmetz College. He also enrolled at the University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale. It’s too early to talk about an impressive Hannibal Buress net worth during student years. As for his personal life, we must say that he likes to keep such things secret and not known to the media.

Thus, there is no information about the person with whom he is currently meeting. In addition, he behaved so modestly that people do not even know the names of his previous dates at all. This allowed to start saving Hannibal Buress net worth and doesn’t spend much for girlfriends. He lived in New York for most of his professional career. However, he decided to change in 2017 when he decided to return to Chicago to the area known as Wicker Park. Regarding religious beliefs, he declared himself an atheist.

2. Career, movie shows and Hannibal Buress net worth

As we stated earlier, he was recognized for participating in the “Awkward Comedy Show” that took place at Comedy Central. We must also say that he is very hardworking and worked a lot as a comedian. He has had many different appearances at numerous famous shows throughout the United States. This approach allowed to accumulate great Hannibal Buress net worth. Some of his appearances in various appearances include Live in Gotem, New York, USA, Let, although quite a bit, but still, despite this, God News, Soan, Total Weiss Will Camau.

He also has had many television appearances and shows in 2009 since appearing on Saturday Night Live, Louie, 30 Rock. As we said above, he is also a famous voice actor. We could hear his voice as the voice of characters in various films, animated films and commercials. Some of the best-known films in which he is the voice actor are Lucas Brothers, Relocation, China, Illinois, Chosen and Justice League.

As we have said, he is hardworking, and he has had many projects over the years. Hannibal Buress net worth exceeded $ 2 million. He saw an opportunity to prove himself at exhibitions, and therefore decided to create it. He decided to become a producer and co-host of the show called The Eric Andre Show in 2012. He also created and produced a show called Why? with Hannibal Bress.

He also tried himself in the film industry. His debut took place in 2011, when he had a role in a film called Heart Break. In addition, he also played a role in the film “Kings of the Summer” in 2013. Most of Hannibal Buress net worth comes from his addictions, but a lot of the money came from his voice acting and participation in various shows and films. Part of the money comes from production.

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