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Joe Lacob net worth and earnings

Alexander Alexeenko - 01.06.20 (updated 01.06.20)

Joseph Stephen Lakob is a business executive with Kleiner Perkins. He is currently the billionaire and owner of Golden State Warriors. Keep reading if you want to know Joe Lacob net worth in 2020 and about his career, awards and nominations.


1. Joe Lacob net worth in his youth

Joe was born on January 10, 1956 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. His mother, Marlene, worked night shifts in the supermarket, and his father, Sid, worked for a paper company. His family later moved to Anaheim in California. He came from a poor family and managed to become a billionaire thanks to his dedication and hard work. It’s too early to talk about an impressive Joe Lacob net worth but such approach helped him in the rest of the life.

He was not afraid of any work and preferred to invest in himself, in his education. These skills will help him build a career as a talented leader, competently manage human resources and build a business empire. This allowed to start saving Joe Lacob net worth. He is currently divorced. He used to be married to Lori, with whom he has two sons, Kent and Kirk. They also have two daughters, Casey and Kelly. Now he has a bride, Nicole Curran. They dating and often attend public events together.

When it comes to his qualifications, he holds a bachelor's degree from the University of California, Biological Sciences, Irvine. He also holds a Master of Public Health from the University of California. In addition, he received a master's degree in business administration from Stanford Graduate School. He said that he was from a low-income family and that he was the only child in the family who had received an education. Decent education can be called the key to Joe Lacob net worth.

Joe has been a partner at Kleiner Perkins since 1987. Prior to that, he worked at Cetus Corporation, the Booz Allen Company, and FHP International. He was always a sports fan, and so decided to buy the Golden State Warriors team. He was also an investor in the Women's Basketball League, and in 2006 became a co-owner of Celtics. Before the start of the NBA season 2014-15, Lacob fired coach Mark Jackson, who had just put the Warriors into the playoffs for consecutive seasons.

Lakob explained this decision at a conference: “Part of it was that he could not get along with someone else in the organization. And look, he did an excellent job - and I will always compliment him in many ways - but there can’t be 200 people in an organization, not like you. " Investment in sports increased Joe Lacob net worth. He received awards for his work and was nominated for various titles. The hard work of Joe is responsible for all his achievements.

2. Joe Lacob net worth and earnings

Joe Lacob net worth is about $ 1.7 billion. He became rich thanks to his business skills and managed to acquire Golden State Warriors in 2010 for $ 450 million.

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