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Carrot Top net worth 2020

Alexander Alexeenko - 31.05.20 (updated 01.06.20)

Scott Thompson, also known as Carrot Top, is a United States screenwriter, actor, comedian, and entrepreneur. He is well known for his strange humor, which often includes jokes on himself, his curly red hair and the way he uses extravagant props when he does comedy. Let's go deeper and find out what is Carrot Top net worth in 2020.


1. Carrot Top net worth in early years

Carrot Top was born on February 25, 1965 in Rockledge, Florida. He was born to the parents of Donji and Larry Thompson. He completed his secondary education at Cocoa High School and his higher education at the University of Florida at Boca Raton, where he earned a marketing degree. But not only marketing has accumulated Carrot Top net worth.

At the peak of his student life, he got the opportunity to go on stage with Josh Abelson. A couple of comedians and their actions did not actually become popular due to disgusting and unpleasant jokes. But after several months had passed, Carrot Top got to work and came up with a script about his life in college, which ultimately would make the audience see what his humor really looked like. After some time, Carrot Top became a hit on all college campuses in the United States.

2.Career Life and Carrot Top net worth

After graduating from college and receiving a degree in marketing, he got a job as a bank courier. Despite the fact that he got a full-time job, he did not stop performing and became more and more popular due to his crazy humor. In 1990, he quit his job because he wanted to devote himself to becoming a full-fledged comedian.

The sphere of work of comedy performances was very competitive, therefore, in order to stand out, he decided to use props in his comedy acts. And the props that he used corresponded to his personality and his bright appearance. In 1992, he received an invitation to the “Evening Show with Jay Leno”, which further accelerated his career and gave an impetus to increase Carrot Top net worth.

After all the popularity and fame that he has accumulated over the years, he began to receive a lot of opportunities to work in TV shows, such as “Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas Presentation”. For several years, and more precisely from 1995 to 1999, he worked at Cartoon Network as an announcer. Over time, his career became even more successful, and his comedy knew no bounds.

It’s hard to say what has increased more: fame or Carrot Top net worth. He was a genius when it came to comedy, but it was not his only one talent. These brought him a lot of fame, money success and Carrot Top’s net worth. In 1994, he began producing his own show called AM Mayhem Carrot Top, which ended in 1996. He also had a little work. In Hollywood, his first film was Hourglass.

Another film that he made and was quite popular is “Chairman of the Board”. He also starred in AT & T commercials, which of course brought him even more fame. Carrot Top net worth is estimated to be around $ 75 million. Most of the money he earned came from television shows, films, and a couple of concerts. It is a fairly well-known fact that in the prime of his career he gave more than 200 concerts a year, and each of them was sold out. Now he is 52 years old and he lives in Las Vegas, we can say he lives a dream. He does about 300 concerts a year, and he still has a lot of loyal fans.

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