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What is Chris Brown’s net worth

Alexander Alexeenko - 28.05.20 (updated 29.05.20)

Singer Chris Brown has made many headlines over the years more than just his music. The artist was involved in feuds with other musicians, drama with his daughter's mother and many legal issues. In January 2019, his name appeared again in the news. That time he was arrested abroad on rape charges. Read on to get information about Chris Brown net worth and how much he pays for child support.


1. Chris Brown net worth and problems with law

On January 22, TMZ and several other media outlets reported that Brown was arrested in Paris after a woman claimed to have sexually abused her in a room at the Mandarin Oriental hotel during the night hours of January 15-16. This, of course, is not the first time that Brown had problems with the law and was arrested Chris Brown net worth stops to grow.

He has had many violent incidents since 2009, when he pleaded guilty to a felony in 2009 to his girlfriend Rihanna. In 2013, the singer was arrested for assaulting a crime in Washington, DC, after he and his bodyguard were involved in an altercation with two men near the hotel. He was later kicked out of the rehabilitation center and spent two and a half months in jail. In 2017, he was accused of beating a man who photographed him without permission.

Then, in July 2018, he was arrested in Florida on the basis of a felony warrant.

2. Chris Brown net worth

Despite all his legal problems, the Grammy winner continued to release hits for his loyal fans and released a new album almost every year. Chris Brown net worth today is estimated at $ 50 million. Brown, a native of Virginia, burst onto the music scene in 2005 when he was a teenager with his self-titled debut album. Six of his albums became platinum, and some of his hits include “With You,” “Look at Me Now,” and “Run It.”

Brown has one daughter, Royalty, with Nia Guzman, with whom he came into conflict over child support payments. Chris Brown net worth spends on her mostly. In September 2018, Guzman applied for an increase in child support. Brown initially paid $ 2,500 a month, but Guzman and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, asked for more based on Chris Brown net worth.

“We fought for Royalty, and I am glad that at the hearing last week we won an increase in child support, doubling the amount of support to $ 5,000 per month ... The legal mandatory child benefit for someone with Brown’s income is 18 336 dollars a month. This is what Nia requires for Royal, ”said Bloom.

Earlier, Brown stated that, in his opinion, an increase in payments would “spoil” his daughter, since he already pays $ 6,000 a month for Royal's private school, her medical needs and a nanny (Guzman’s mother), as well as $ 1,770.98 a month for travel, $ 1,516.59. per month for entertainment, and $ 419 for extracurricular activities.

TMZ noted that both parties reached an agreement, and the singer of “Freaky Friday” will increase its payments for the maintenance of the child. At that time, the source told the media that this was not what Guzman had hoped for $ 21,000, but a "significant increase." Brown also agreed to buy Guzman's house and pay her $ 100,000. Chris Brown net worth decreases by this amount.

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