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4 facile steps how to raise one eyebrow

Alexander Alexeenko - 06.05.20

Revitalizing facial expressions by raising one eyebrow may not be worth the long story, but it is worth mentioning. Just raise your eyebrow and you will make it clear what is on your mind without saying a word. The way, how to raise one eyebrow indicates surprise or attract attention.


It helps you to express annoyance or dissatisfaction with something, but remember that you will have to make some efforts. Not everyone owns this technique how to raise one eyebrow from birth. Movement with only one side of the face will require efforts from you, and you will also have to master several exercises for the face in order to achieve the necessary movements.

1. How to raise one eyebrow: step 1

Determine which eyebrow is dominant. Before you begin your workout, you should find out which eyebrow will be easier to train. Usually it will be your dominant eyebrow. Stand in front of the mirror and try to raise your right eyebrow. Then try to raise the left one. Which eyebrow do you have more control over? This is most likely your dominant eyebrow, and you should focus on it.

Do not worry if you do not have control over both eyebrows, just select one and work with it, you will get how to raise one eyebrow. Write down which eyebrow you are working with. Thus, you will not mix up eyebrows and do not waste time trying to work with two eyebrows at once.

2. How to raise one eyebrow: step 2

Raise and hold a dominant eyebrow with your hand. If the second eyebrow also rises, with the other hand lower the second eyebrow. This will help you feel like this when only one eyebrow is raised. Train in front of the mirror to remember the correct muscle movement when raising one eyebrow up. Attach the tape to the eyebrow that you raise, instead of helping with your hand, if that is more convenient for you.

This will give you more control over your muscles, as you will not rely on working with your hand when raising an eyebrow. This will force you to take part in the process of raising your eyebrows, straining your muscles. When the eyebrow is raised, use your fingers to feel the muscles along the brow. They must be tense. These are the muscles you should focus on when raising your eyebrows. Even if you initially help yourself with your hand, this exercise will be a good way to remember where the eyebrow muscles are.

3. How to raise one eyebrow: step 3

Keep that eyebrow you don’t want to raise. After you understand how you feel when raising an eyebrow, release the eyebrow that you want to raise, and hold only the second eyebrow. Train for 2-5 minutes every day.

4. How to raise one eyebrow: step 4

Keep only the brow you want to raise. After you have trained to raise one eyebrow, you should train to lower the second. Hold a raised eyebrow with your hand. Try to lower your second eyebrow. Train for 2-5 minutes every day, you will understand, how to raise one eyebrow. Perhaps some people are simply not able to raise one eyebrow without the help of a supportive hand. However, you need enough practice to understand how to raise one eyebrow if this is your case. Even people who can do it need some training, so you won’t know for sure until you work out for a while.

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