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Schizophrenia art, described and drawn by schizophrenics

Alexander Alexeenko - 02.05.20

3 years ago, on August 8, Hellblade was released — a game dedicated to the most strange and mysterious mental disorder - schizophrenia. The creators during the development process visited psychiatric hospitals, consulted with specialists and talked with patients in order to better understand what was happening in the head of a person with a dull mind, expressed on paper as schizophrenia art. They transferred their knowledge to the game, very colorfully reflecting the horror that the patient is experiencing.

As said G.F. Lovecraft, the researcher of schizophrenia art, the strongest fear, is the fear of the unknown, which is probably why schizophrenia, as the least known and understandable disease, has acquired an almost mythical character over the years of its existence. Its symptoms, causing hallucinations in people, leading them into depression and making otherworldly voices heard, only add a touch of mystery, even more terrifying the unknown. Express-News did a little research and found stories and schizophrenia art paintings written by schizophrenics.

All of them belong to different people, but, combining them, you can see something similar — madness, tearing out, as if from ancient times, and trying to reach the human race through the consciousness of the suffering. If you want to at least remotely understand what schizophrenics feel, we recommend you reading what they themselves write and draw.

1. Schizophrenia art in Zach Dunn Pictures

“Insomnia was the first symptom. Strange as it may sound, I went to bed and could not turn off the brain. Thoughts, growing long tentacles, wrapped my thoughts in them, and, fused with each other, entangled my head like ivy. On especially quiet nights, I buried under the covers and shouted helplessly in a hoarse whisper. "

2. Schizophrenia art in Louis Wayne Paintings

“When people think of schizophrenia, they imaging crazy homeless people, not a cute little girl like my Jani. When she was two years old, she was far ahead of her peers. She added and subtracted, made up full-fledged sentences. At three years old, she already knew the periodic table. Doctors said she was incredibly smart: the IQ test showed a result of 146. Jani said she was with a cat named Midnight. We thought that she just had a wild imagination, but as it turned out, she really saw her and still sees her. "

This tells Michael about his six-year-old daughter, named January, performing her schizophrenia art pictures. The girl was suffering from schizophrenia.

Patients often see t schizophrenia art as a way to get rid of tormenting hallucinations.

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