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Eminem's unknown daughter Whitney Scott Mathers

Alexander Alexeenko - 30.04.20

Those who are interested in the work of the 45-year-old rapper Eminem know: the singer has a daughter.

Hailie Scott Mathers was born, Eminem often mentioned her in songs and used her children's videos in videos. Haley is now avoiding publicity. But besides Haley, Marshal Matters has two adopted daughters, whom he hardly mentions. An artist adopted them after the second divorce from Kimberly Ann Scott, the mother of Haley.


1. Whitney Scott Mathers is one of adopted Eminem daughters

Eminem and Kimberly had a difficult relationship. Leaving his wife, Eminem took her daughter from another relationship — Whitney Scott Mathers. A little later, Eminem adopted his niece Alain, the daughter of Kimberly’s sister. After the marriage, Eminem and mother of Whitney Scott Mathers had many problems between them. Kim gave birth to Haley in 1995, but this did not help a couple to solve their personal problems.

The marriage of Eminem and Whitney Scott Mathers’s mother ended in divorce in 2001. After the divorce, Kim Mathers began dating Eric Hatter and Whitney Scott Mathers was born April 16, 2002. But Whitney Scott Mathers did not get the opportunity to meet with his biological father, since he was a criminal who was already on the run and hiding from the police, and he was a drug addict, already convicted on drug charges, and spent time in prison.

Eminem then decided to adopt Whitney Scott Mathers, knowing that she did not have a father, and Mother Whitney was a drug addict. Kim and Eminem remarried in 2006, but remarriage did not work out, and they divorced again. Another surprise came when a car accident happened in Kim in 2015. Lawyer Kim said that in fact it was a suicide attempt.

2. Whitney Scott Mathers nowadays

Whitney is now 17 years old. Whitney is still in high school, so she has no source of income. As a celebrity, her father Eminem’s fortune is estimated at about $ 190 million. She has long brown hair. She is about 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m) tall (she is still growing) and weighs about 128 pounds (58 kg). She has brown eyes and wears glasses and contact lenses. Whitney Scott Mathers is single. She's not looking for a boyfriend. She grew up under the shadow of her father's love and care.

Whitney Scott Mathers is still in high school and is about to get the perfect education. She is a student and she also attends online courses. She is very good academically. Eminem carefully protected the adopted daughter from the attention of the press, as he could not make the mistake he made by giving publicity to his own daughter Haley.

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