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Netflix released a teaser for a black comedy about schoolchildren and zombies

Alexander Alexeenko - 22.10.19

The premiere of the multi-part zombie comedy Daybreak (10 episodes) based on the graphic novel of the same name by Brian Ralph will take place on October 24.

Events unfold in a post-apocalyptic world where almost all adults died. And those adults who did not die right away now roam the streets like ghouls that teenagers get rid of with some kind of dark Zombieland humor.

dark comedy

Glendale high school students began to unite in stray gangs. 17-year-old schoolboy Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford) goes in search of his missing girlfriend Sam (Sophie Simnett) and joins the company of other single teens. To survive, the main character will have to escape from the ruthless gangs in the spirit of “Mad Max”. Josh will have to establish a fragile truce with the scum of the new society - twelve-year-old pyromaniac Angelica and former Wesley bully who embarked on the path of a pacifist samurai. Together they will have to look for their place in harsh reality, fighting off gangs of Amazon cheerleaders and zombie ghouls.

post-apocalyptic world

The new Netflix zombie comedy breaks the fourth wall, which is known to exist between the stage and the audience. The characters of the film are as savvy in pop culture as their audience and generally very similar to their real peers. The creators of the film, not hiding, appeal to adolescents and offer a cumbersome combination of a winking comedy, bloody thrills, satirical social comments and serious storytelling of teenage stories. And all this cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Aron Eli Coleit (Star Trek: Discovery) wrote the script and co-produced the 10-episode project with Brad Peyton (Rampage), who occupied the director's chair during filming.

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