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American astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Mayr made spacewalks

Alexander Alexeenko - 19.10.19

This is the first spacewalk exclusively female staff. According to NASA, during the mission, the astronauts replaced one of the external power supplies of the International Space Station, which roughly took five and a half hours.

Spacewalk at the beginning of Friday - the first for Meir and the fourth for Koch. NASA tweeted out into outer space at 7:38 Eastern time, when Koch and Meir "installed their spacesuits on battery power."


To complete the task, they needed to move to the opposite compartment of the station, port 6, and replace the faulty element, which would then be sent to Earth for study by the SpaceX Dragon cargo shuttle.

Until this day in history, there were 13 women who went into outer space, including Koch, for whom this is the fifth space walk. Mayr became the fourteenth.

Initially, a fully female mission was planned for the end of March this year. Christina Koch was supposed to perform it in tandem with the American Anne McClain, but McClain’s participation was not successful from the very beginning.

At first, she did not fit the size of a spacesuit for going into outer space, and in August she was put on trial on charges of the first ever crime committed in space: her same-sex wife said that Anne, being in space, had unauthorized access to her bank account .


As a result, the lucky lot fell to Jessica Meir. She is 42 years old, she has a degree in physiology and biology of the ocean. This is her first space flight, Meir arrived on the ISS in September this year as a flight engineer.

Christina Koch is 40 years old, she is a much more experienced astronaut. It has been on the ISS since March of this year, and it has already counted four missions in outer space. By education, Koch is a physicist and electrical engineer. The first years in NASA she spent working in the field of scientific development.

Last Tuesday, NASA also presented a mock-up of a new lunar suit for the next mission to the moon. Its main feature is that, thanks to its movable structure, it can be adapted to any astronaut figure, regardless of height, size and shape.

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