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Good news for Walmart visitors - retail giant opens Health Centers in stores

Alexander Alexeenko - 18.10.19

Walmart has been working with healthcare providers over the past year to develop a single store for affordable care. And the first Health Center was opened in Dallas, Georgia.

Now, along with a typical shopping list, people have access to medical care inside stores. In the future, Walmart is going to open 98 clinics in 22 states.

medical care

Health and well-being are already a significant part of Walmart's business model. This figure includes sales of prescription drugs, vision services, sales of medical devices, sales of non-prescription drugs, and services including immunization, laboratory tests, medical examinations, and referrals.

Walmart is committed to adding value-added services to this existing list, all available under one roof. Primary and emergency care, laboratory tests, X-ray and X-ray diagnostics, ECG tests, dental care, optical care, and hearing services will be available at the company's medical centers.

The Dallas store health center also offers a pet care clinic.

In addition, the company promises in its press release that prices will be low and transparent, regardless of whether you have insurance.

The clinics tend to offer care during regular doctors' hours and at nights and on weekends. "Most cases when you get sick on a Friday afternoon, they can't see you until Tuesday," said Michael Critzer, director of operations for Physicians Medical. "Nobody wants to wait. We live in a world of instant gratification, so that's where we come in."

Walmart Clinics offer care and assistance at any time of the day, as well as at night and on weekends.

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