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New York non-stop flight to Sydney will last 20 hours

Alexander Alexeenko - 16.10.19

On the longest non-stop route in the world, the crew of Qantas Airways Ltd will leave on October 18. The plane will fly from the US this Friday and land in Australia on Sunday, October 20.

It won't be just a flight, Qantas Boeing Co. Dreamliner will become an air laboratory, which will check not only the endurance of the pilots, but also the condition of passengers in such a long flight. Dozens of passengers will eat, sleep and spend active time in flight under the supervision of specialists. The goal of the experiment organizers is to see how people stand the test in the process of changing time zones, and turn their efforts in the fight against unpleasant symptoms into the industry for billions of dollars.

an air laboratory

Due to the physical exertion that passengers experience on long flights, a market for popular products has appeared. Most often, melatonin tablets, light-emitting glasses, as well as a smartphone application and many other potential means of protection against jet lag, are taken on a flight.

According to BIS Healthcare, preparation demand will increase to $ 732 million in 2023. Currently, more than 80 drugs for the treatment of sleep disorders are in clinical development.

By the way, time zone syndrome, according to doctors, is more than an unpleasant sensation: drowsiness during the day and sleeplessness at night. These are quite destructive processes from a physiological point of view. Regular travelers between time zones can gain weight, get problems with the cardiovascular system and even change their own behavior.

However, this circumstance does not frighten potential customers of long non-stop flights. According to the assumptions of the International Air Transport Association, about 4.6 billion people will fly out in 2019, and in 2037 their number will grow to 8.2 billion.

The flight from New York, which will take place this Friday, and at the end of the year, another from London, will become key tests for Qantas. And in 2022, the company intends to implement Project Sunrise and carry out direct commercial flights from these cities to Sydney regularly.

But first, the company must obtain permission from the Australian Civil Aviation Authority in order for pilots and flight attendants to work longer than 20 hours. And also enter into new agreements with pilots who will fly on extra-long routes.

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