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It will be difficult for air signs to make financial decisions next week

Larisa Petrova - 02.05.20

Elements signs of the Zodiac affect not only the character and temperament of a person, but his dedication and even financial well-being. Representatives of the air elements have a light character. These people know how to find the shortest way to solve problems, but do not always use it.

So what financial issues will have to be addressed by air signs from May 4 to May 10?



Gemini easily earn money, and also easily parting with them. They are very generous, often willing to share their finances, knowing that they will come back multiplied.

At the begging of the week Gemini advised to be cautious in relations with the authorities. There is a possibility that orders and instructions of the authorities will cause a feeling of disagreement. However, do not try to persuade anybody to dispute the right of the management to any decisions. Your opinion, which you try to express, can only have a negative impact on your career.

The second half of the week changes situation for the better. Your relationship with boss may become more trustworthy. You might be given special orders, which only accentuate your credibility.


In case of Libra the air element only prevent them from earning a lot of money. This is due to their carefree attitude towards finances. They want to become rich without effort.

Earlier in the week, Libra may experience some difficulties in performing current work. Maybe you will get a project for the successful fulfillment of which, your qualifications may not be enough. Try to fill gaps in your professional knowledge.

The second half of the week on the contrary, favors the current work. You can find a lot of useful skills and increase productivity. Success will accompany the inventors, engineers and technical workers.



The influence of Air helps Aquarius to treat money and their earnings much easier. However, the main purpose for them are not finances. They like to benefit others and improve the workplace

At the beginning of the week will be difficult to make financial decisions. Necessity to make certain purchases can lead you to losses. Shopping lovers refrain from shopping in order not to spend large sums of money on unnecessary products. Businessmen should restrain themselves from investing in risky projects.

The second half of the week is going to be good for income growth. Use these days to develop practical talents, improve the professional skill. The most profitable may be work in real estate and construction.

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