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Financial horoscope for the week of May 4 to May 10 for water signs of the Zodiac

Larisa Petrova - 02.05.20

Representatives of the water element trust more their feelings then the facts. Those people have highly developed intuition that very often helps them in life. Material values for them are in secondary importance, but they treat money with respect, because they know how hard is to earn them.



Cancers do not hide their love of wealth and they are willing to make every effort to get the desired amount of money. Therefore, their financial situation always remains stable or grows. The only thing that can greatly affect the budget of Cancers, it is their generosity.

In the beginning of the week Cancers may run into obstacles at work. Some external circumstances or very specific people place those obstacles. The less you will have to deal with representatives of government and law, the better it will be for your business.

The second half of the week is good information exchange and professional training. Try to use these days to improve your skills. Successfully will go business trips


Earlier in the week businessmen may suffer losses as a result of risky financial investment. Perhaps you will get an offer to make a profitable purchase of wholesale goods. However, you can thus invest in illiquid products that will remain unsold for a long time.

The second half of the week conducive to working with individual customer service. This applies especially to the field of fashion, leisure and entertainment. When performing services try to bring to work a part of your personality.



Pisces can often change jobs — sometimes multiple times in a short period of time. Such instability does not allow them to achieve financial prosperity. However, if they find their place in life and love what they do for living, they can become not just wealthy, but very rich.

Attempt to realize their intentions can run into obstacles. The stars suggest to go with the flow in these days and to refrain from initiatives.

In the second half of the week will be a lot of useful information. The people around you will provide you with every assistance in the business. Best time for contacts and business trips. Use these days to expand and strengthen business ties.

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