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The fire signs of the Zodiac will have financial problems in the period from May 4 to May 10

Larisa Petrova - 02.05.20

Representatives of the fire signs of the Zodiac are emotional and active. These people have a wide circle of friends and they often take on the role of organizer of the meetings. They like to be in the spotlight and kindle fire fun. Each of them pronounced leadership qualities and the ability to insist on - even if Aries, Leo or Sagittarius are wrong, they will not rush to admit it.

So how qualities fire signs of the Zodiac will affect them financial situation and career in period from May 4 to May 10?



In the beginning of the week the stars advise Aries to be more careful when making trades. The probability of deception increases and losses when making purchases. Also sellers should be careful when conducting transactions with customers - increases the risk of a shortfall money. It's not the best time for business contacts, acquaintances, travel.

In the second half of the week can grow the income from the main job and additional jobs. This is a good time to make important financial decisions about major purchases and about the accumulation of money for the upcoming purchase. Also you may find remote work.


The beginning of the week for the Lions, engaged in financial investment may be unsuccessful. These days increases the risk of losses resulting from unexpected incidents. Some of your plans may be disrupted due to change of circumstances. In this case you have to rapidly make adjustments to their plans. Those who work in manufacturing, you should be careful when working with equipment and machinery increases the likelihood of injury.

The second half of the week will be successful for those who occupy positions of leadership. You will be able to conduct any reforms, optimize costs in the budget and make necessary personnel changes.


In the beginning of the week can be complicated conditions on the leased sites. For example, you will be hard to pay the rent, because landlords can refuse to reduce the cost of payment. Also is it a problematic time for negotiations.

The second half of the week will be successful by office workers and those who are engaged in repair and construction works. Working conditions at your workplace can improve. You may feel that was much more comfortable to work fnd this may be associated with improvement of psychological climate in labor collective.

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