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Follow three rules and your wishes will come true

Larisa Petrova - 02.05.20

Who among us has never made wishes? These people probably don't exist. But some people’s wishes often come true, while others do not. Why is this happening? It seems to us that someone much luckier than us and the universe to others more favorable than to us.

In fact, making a wish must be made in a right way and someone manages to do it intuitively. However, you should know about the three main rules, helpers in this matter.


A positive attitude

Our thoughts are a direct path to the fulfillment of our desires. To realize desires more often, you need to understand that you can't control how exactly it will be executed. Therefore, the control and obsessive thoughts need to be put out of your mind — to change the way of thinking so that will bring pleasure, not anxiety.


Vividly and in details imagine the moment when you get what you dreamed about. Avoid superficiality in this matter, dive deep into the process. What are you feeling, what is around you? How will it affect your future life? Remember how you dreamed as a child, how responsibly and with interest you approached to that.

Higher power

Peace of mind and trust to a Higher power

People often want to have their desire fulfilled exactly as they have drawn in their minds or invented. And how they get upset if the wish is not fulfilled according conceived scenario. But variations in the Universe are much more than human mind can imagine. So don’t worry about this because with such a behavior your harms yourself and casts doubt on the very idea of performance.

For example, we want to go on vacation in a specific place, which you have long dreamed of, but for some reason was not able to go there. You have to imagine that you are already there, your wish was realized, try to feel fully the joy and the fun of it. And then forget for a while about your dream and think about it only in the bright moments of emotions, when you experience the joy of a pleasant meeting, a meal or engaging guests. And then again let it go, let out what you really want.

So, you are telling the Universe that you really want this, but you are giving the Universe every opportunity to do it in the best way. And it will reward you – will fulfill your basic desire, and even add to it some unexpected, but very pleasant surprises.

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