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What will be the month of May for Taurus?

Larisa Petrova - 01.05.20

This month promises to be particularly successful for Taurus (April 21 – May 21). You will be energetic and will keep for the entire period, the spirit of cheerfulness and optimism. You'll be happy to do any job, even the most routine and uninteresting and you may strengthen your social or financial situation.



Taurus in May will be to show special dexterity in all that relates to money issues. You will intuitively feel how to make money and will try not to miss any relevant opportunities.

Good results can be achieved in a business related vehicles, information of the population, the organization of transfers and deliveries.

Love and money

Taurus in May 2020 will be more attractive to the opposite sex, though he himself will demonstrate the fickleness and superficiality in relationships. Representatives of this sign will feel oppress from the monotony. It is not surprising that some Taurus maybe change them partner in this month and others only limited to a fleeting affair on the side.

Your financial situation will continue to improve. Although the second half of the month can be some delays in payments or you will receive less money than expected.


Representatives of the sign this month will still be full of energy and many of them with great pleasure will participate in any physical activity. However, there is a danger of injuries of the hands and feet. You should also monitor your heart and protect your ears from colds.


Taurus -woman

All going well, there is a chance to succeed where others have failed. You undertake with enthusiasm for any business, showing a rare capacity for work, nothing will make you abandon your goals or stray from the path. But an easy victory is unlikely: you need to make an effort to achieve the goal.

If you are involved in some joint projects, be prepared for the fact that you have to inspire allies, to help them to solve problems.


At the beginning of the month will be tense and difficult time, many will have to overcome the challenges, fight with adverse circumstances, to defend their point of view in quarrels.

However, the impact of negative trends will not last long, soon you will notice changes for the better. In the second half of the month will have the opportunity to help others, to support those who find themselves in a difficult position. The more you do for others the better you will feel.

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