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Love horoscope for the week of May 4 to May 10 for each zodiac sign

Larisa Petrova - 01.05.20


At the beginning of this week enamored Aries no need to lose extra time to emphasize the long-standing contradiction in the views between themselves and a partner. From May 6 to May 8 is recommended caution with sexual experimentation. The best day for the joint adventure and romance — May 9.


This week the Taurus and their partners are often at odds due to accumulated nervousness. It is dangerous to act on the impulse, to put ultimatums and to test a relationship for strength. From May 6 to May 10 any discrepancies will affect the atmosphere in the bedroom



This week, the Gemini can consciously remain silent about their feelings or they can be a little "slow" in communication but that does not prevent them to attract the attention of the opposite sex, to love and to be loved. For a romantic rendezvous are the most harmonious days: May 4, 5, 8 and 9.


This week Cancers should not look for a perfect day for a date: this day has not come yet. If you are tired of experiments in love and dream "to return all as was", it will not be easy, you can get stuck at a crossroads between past and future. Take your time with new love initiative: high risk to be at an impasse.


This week the stars advise Lions themself choose dates for love meetings or give this initiative to your partner. And do not be afraid of his antics in May 4 and May 5: most likely this times the surprises you will like. However, the most difficult will be fellowship from May 6 to May 7.


For the Virgo in love this week her natural practicality will be very important. External circumstances often are unpredictable, and the partner will think more about their pleasure than about your feelings. Hone your intuition and the art of love maneuver in these days.


In this week Libra get additional leverage to control their love situation on Monday and Tuesday. If you want to continue the romantic story, develop a long-term strategy but do not tell about it your partner.


Representatives of this sign have to hide their feelings behind a mask of friendliness or indifference,because your partner can manifest itself not with the best hand. Is to be patient, soon fate will take pity on you. It is important to control your temper May 6 and May 7.



On this week the stars patronize in love Sagittarius 4, 5 and 9 may. Nice person remains next you, but if there was no communication with him yet, you should not lose hope and give up. You have time to figure out how to meet this person and talk.


The main weapon Capricorn in love in this week remains the sensuality, charisma, eloquence, power or authority.However, it will not always be possible to freely use such powerful tools. It is better to use it, except on May 5, on 6 May.


It is advisable for Aquarius in love this week to use any good moment to take the initiative, as the next suitable case may not be presented soon. However, stars are advised to be restrained from May 6 to May 8.


This week it is difficult for Pisces in love to do something in their own interests, since the situation does not correspond to favorable events for you. If you even can’t be five minutes without contacting your loved one, the stars advise you to limit yourself to talk in phone.

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