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The most dangerous days in May 2020

Larisa Petrova - 30.04.20

Knowing in advance about what days are unfavourable for energy, can easily circumvent any problems. There are will be five dangerous days in May, in which we should proceed with cautious and vigilance, so not to miss out on good luck.

Full moom

May 7 — the day of temptation

The full moon in Scorpio — a time when forces in excess and if not to direct energy in a peaceful direction you can easily be in the midst of undesirable events. Thursday is likely to get involved in adventures and be left with nothing if frivolously trust strangers. There is also the danger of losing on this day the trust of others, if decided not to fulfill earlier promises. In these days it is important to abandon any temptation that can not only lead to a dead end, but to attract life problems.

May 10 — day of unexpected problems

Waning Moon in Sagittarius leads to energy imbalance. On this day, the probability of making wrong decisions due to nervousness or haste. Exercises for finding inner peace will help to avoid problems and not become victims of their own shortsighted actions.

On Sunday, it is important to think over every decision thoughtfully and trust your intuition. The inner voice will warn you if the conclusions are wrong and you need to change your plans.

May 11 — the day of deception

The moon in Capricorn is not the best time for making important decisions. There is a possibility to lose financial independence due to excessive trust in strangers. Can’t succumb in provocations on Monday, as well as plan the important issues. The best way out could be the privacy and work on current things, which not requiring great responsibility. Limit is any activity associated with the investment of their savings.


May 15 — a day of contradictions

The moon in Pisces continues to wane, depriving of strength and confidence. In this day there is a possibility to become a hostage of emotions and internal contradictions which will only lead to bad feelings and will not help to solve important issues. Astrologers recommend on Friday to work on yourself and attract positive thoughts. Also on this day, it is important to hold back and to avoid conflict situations, so not to offend and hurt your loved ones under influence of a bad mood.

May 18 — negative day

Moon and Aries — not the best combination for important initiatives. On this day energy of the constellation and decreasing of the moon affect mood and not in the best way. Increased impulsiveness puts into question the performance of even the simplest of cases, so astrologers recommend to postpone the decision of important issues at a more favorable time, if possible.

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