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Take care of the nervous system: the financial horoscope for April 30

Larisa Petrova - 29.04.20

Why today is dangerous to overwork at work and to get involved in the debate?


A good day for trading and intermediary activities. You may have to spend a certain amount of money for the purchase of wholesale goods. But this should not bother you because this product will be in high demand, and you will recoup expenses.


Today you can safely work on solving practical issues, and not too zealous in the manifestation of personal initiative. Any initiative must be agreed beforehand with the people, otherwise it will not work.



The importance of other people is increasing in your business. Expected a lot of contacts, visits, meetings and discussions. To make this day successful really try to separate true information from false information. When making decisions rely only on his personal opinion.


A good day for an additional part-time work. You may offer to go on overtime to replace sick colleagues. Effectively will work today freelancers at distance work. But it's not the best time for collective activities and discussions joint plans with shareholders and business partners.


A lot will depend on what organization you work for. If this is a partnership business where you are equal partners, then everything will go fine. If you depend on the will of the authorities, you might get censured. Don’t expect promotion in your career at this time.


A good day for closer cooperation with the authorities. You will easily understand each other, and become more trusting relationships. If you do hold a managerial position, then during the day you will receive valuable information that will help to develop the right management decisions.


Day can be associated with errors in conducting financial transactions. Not the best time to contact the Bank to request a loan. However, it is a good day for distant trips.


For leaders day will develop ambiguously. This is a good time for personnel shifts and adjustments in the work schedule of employees. However, business partners are unlikely to achieve mutual understanding. Its better to abstain from negotiations because they will be of no avail.



Use this day to clarify and develop business partnerships. Will succeed those who in service industry – you will have no shortage of clients, customers. However, the work environment will not be as favorable. Try not to leave for a long time from the workplace.


Give preference to the work that you know well and in which you feel confident. Do not neglect technical subtleties and little things, in professional work there are no little things and trifles. But from all sorts of innovations and improvements it is now better to refrain.


If your work is related to individual customer service, a lot will depend on what area of ​​activity you work in. When working in the leisure, entertainment and fashion industry, everything will turn out great. But if you provide real estate services, you will run into difficulties.


Focus on current affairs and don’t be distracted by extraneous phone calls and conversations. Take care of your nervous system and do not get involved in disputes with colleagues. The most successful work will be related to real estate. Do things that you can finish today.

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