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What signs of the zodiac will have problems in the first three days of May?

Larisa Petrova - 29.04.20

Stars warn that from May 1 th to May 3 th few the signs of the Zodiac will experience problems in various spheres of life. But if forewarned is forearmed, and you can withstand any adversities of fate.


In general, it is difficult days for the Aries, especially from the point of view of finance. Can be unsuccessful purchase followed by return of the goods.

Perhaps in these days more worries and troubles, you will be involved in other people's problems. At this time, pay special attention to their health and try not to leave home if you feel unwell.



The stars advise Tauruses not to set ourselves challenging goals in this days, because you will not to reach their. It is better to pay special attention to their health.

You will pursue financial damages, but they will be minor and will not take off you a lot of money.


Representatives of this sign will actively meet with friends and associates. A lot of time they also will socializing on the Internet. However, Gemini will may to correspond with someone who is not in reality he claims to be.

Family relationships are strained, also all is not well will be at work. Not worth arguing with the boss and make the important decisions


External circumstances will develop for you will adversely and impenetrable wall blocking your path. Stop and try to adapt to external circumstances at this time.

But family relationships will be calm and it will help you to survive the difficult period.


In the family of Scorpions can spoil marital relations in first May days. Do not sort things out with your partner, but how the stars advise you must switch to positive activities and restoring order in the house.

Stars also advise you to refrain from gambling because you will not notice as you will lose a lot of money.



This people will want to improve their home and this is a good time to purchase goods in order to create coziness in it. And this is the only good news for you now.

Romantic relationships will be difficult, you can experience temporary cooling to the partner and your feelings are not as strong as before.

And you should not wait for financial income in the first May days.


This week the stars advise you to spend at home, in privacy, because relations with people around will be tense. You will feel a wall between you and other people that will spoil any dialogue.

Between you and relatives can have misunderstandings, so please refrain from discussing important issues.

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