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Earthly man will appreciate an elegant woman, like his mother

Larisa Petrova - 28.04.20

The earthly elements of the horoscope is our material world, our ability to be "here and now", practicality and realism. People of the earthly elements of the horoscope are reliable and hardworking, they do everything very thoroughly and are always aimed at obtaining a specific result. Their firmness and constancy lead to admiration, but slowness and some coldness can make people nervous who have little earthly elements.

How to become the one and only woman for a man with such a character that the signs of the elements of the Earth possess: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.



His chosen one should be skilled and ideal housewife- Taurus loves delicious food. She should be a worthy mother for his future children and inventive in bed. Sex is very important for Taurus men and he takes this process very seriously, so never rush him in bed, reminding that you don’t have much time. After the first love experience Taurus will get to use to a new environment you surround. At this time show your best feminine values to become as much close to him as possible. And perhaps, very soon he will start talking about marriage and family.



Most likely, he will be interested in your past, therefore his own biography he will present at its best. To make even more impression on Virgo man meet his mother and afterwards try to imitate her. Cause he is absolutely sure, that his chosen one must certainly be like his mother. Virgo man enjoys communication with his women, especially with the one who he can talk to about daily actions, like his job. And the most important qualities that help woman to conquer this ascetic representative of earth sign will be neatness, serious approach to life and sharp mind.



Very important to him that his wife becomes a reliable and supportive. Almost every time his heart submits to reason, this prevents him from follow his feelings and surrender to love. He gives an impression of unsociable and closed person. Capricorn is attracted by friendly, affable, calm and fair woman. He appreciates good manners and elegance in women, which he will choose as his companion. Man of this sign loves when his wife is interested in his plans and helps him to achieves his goals. Therefore, after you tried on the image of his chosen one, follow him constantly, to get a marriage proposal and his heart.

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