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How to attract an energetic fiery man?

Larisa Petrova - 28.04.20

Astrology can teach every woman to become one and only for her man. Representatives of zodiac signs have their common characteristics, inclinations and needs, knowing which can help you better understand your loved one and become the closest person for him. Consider in this direction let’s take a look at three fire zodiac signs - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Fiery people are people of action, strength and self confidence. They are very active, mobile and sometimes aggressive. They are characterized by impulsiveness, enthusiasm and sincerity.



He acts boldly: he came, he saw, he conquer. However, his ideal partner is the one who will not give up immediately, who will keep him in constant tension. Aries man must understand that you have your own opinion and you know how to defend your rights. But constant rivalry is completely useless, so be to lose sometimes in this struggle, let him feel that he is the master of the situation.

Besides, remember that Aries must be in atmosphere of complete trust with his partner. Your flirtation with another man of course can spice up your relationships with Aries, but a sudden romance on the side most likely will ruin the relationship.



He is very conceited and in most cases he marries not for himself but for those around him, who must admire him and his woman. Leo can enjoy if his lady will act playfully, but at the same give preference to him, inimitable and magnificent. However, the real affair Leo wont be able to forgive because of his arrogant pride. It’s very useful to praise him and emphasize his importance and uniqueness. And if next to him you can be a fateful women, that all the men around want, Leo will consider himself happy.

He will act decisively and offer not only his heart but his hand only when he will realize that he may loose you.



He needs to feel that initiative in relationship comes exclusively from him. Sagittarius usually loves sorts and noisy parties, so be prepared for an active holidays with this man. Humiliating and parenting should not be done at all- it can make him angry and aggressive. When a woman gets offended at him, he takes it as a lady whim, but not as a real grudge. Therefor, if you want to conquer Sagittarius you better unlearn how to be be serious and critical. Think of him as a big child, react to his antics with laughter and know how to turn everything into a joke. And forget about jealousy, Sagittarius men hate to sort things out.

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