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Who are you, Joe Rogan’s wife: more about Jessica Ditzel

Alexander Alexeenko - 12.03.20

Joe Rogan is a man with a unique destiny. He became known to a wide audience because of his fabulous stand-up and comedic l’emploi. Now he has convert to a truly multifaceted person with different talents, each of them finds their connoisseurs and fans.

He is equally good as a podcast host and an actor. He is an excellent martial arts commentator, able to sort through all the nuances for the audience. He is associated with super-hosts of mega-popular TV shows such as Fear Factor. He demonstrates entrepreneurial skills: the company produces nutritional supplements for “all humans” athletes, biohackers, professionals, retirees, parents, gamers, fighters, tradespeople, and forever students and the equipment for fitness and body improvement as well. ‘’The Joe Rogan Experience’’ — the podcast of him, has the imprint of the vision of its creator. A huge number of his podcasts are streamed and downloaded every day. It is always interesting and relevant.


The medal has two sides. If one is inevitable increasing popularity and publicity, the other is covered in a veil of secrecy. Family is what Joe Rogan hides from photographers, cameras, onlookers and ordinary people. He prefers to keep his kids away from publicity and any attention. Being a very family oriented, Mr. Rogan never talked about the children and wife, did not make statements regarding environment, nothing could be found find mention of family on social networks.

Everything you can know about the family is based on occasional reporters’ photographs when the family was caught by the lens on the streets of the city. His colleagues and employees say that he is as closed as possible and does not share information about spouse and kids. His wife also leads a closed lifestyle and does not share family events with the public.

1. Let us introduce you to Joe Rogan’s wife


Jessica Ditzel — it’s her name. When the couple began dating, they made assumptions that this relationship would not last long. 12 years ago, their daughter Lola was born. A little later they were married. The wedding ceremony was held under the cover of secrecy in an atmosphere of strict secrecy. The wedding service was held in California; it was attended only by a very close and tight circle of people.

Soon after the wedding ceremony, they gave birth to a second daughter, Rosy. Journalists do not confuse anything when they say that Rogan’s family has three daughters. Jessica has a daughter Kayja Rose from a previous relationship. Joe adopted her. Now everything fell into place, the actor really has three daughters: two relatives and one adopted.

Jessica has an older sister and brother, but they stay away from their relative's popularity. Joe Rogan's wife succeeded in maintaining secrecy and creating a mystical halo around her beloved ones.


2. Education and background of wife of Joe Rogan

Ditzel had her educational experience in Doherty High School in Colorado Springs, CO. It was graduated in 1993. She entered to California State University-Long Beach, where she graduated with a bachelor’s but little is known about her major or what she actually studied. At her 21 She gave birth to her daughter Kayja Rose. She raised her child as a single mother until she met Joe and became his wife.

Kaja Rose Connor is a biological daughter of Kevin Connor. He was a singer in H-Town group, known under a nickname Dino. Kaja develops a musical career, she is successful R’n’B singer. Sometimes she posts photos with her mother, wife of Joe Rogan: in these photos, mother and daughter look like sisters. The girl lives an active life.

3. Jessca’s net worth

Though Jessica’s personal net worth is not known. CelebrityNetWorth estimates that Joe Rogan’s fortune is estimated at around $ 25 million. Joe Rogan’s wife takes advantage of his estate, just look at how she looks and what she is wearing.
Rogans, wife and husband, can definitely be called the most closed family of modern Hollywood. They organized living space and relations with the outside world in such a way that for many years they live under the cover of secrecy, like real spies or secret service agents.

But if you’d like to know more about Joe Rogan and his wife, Jessica Rogan and her family, now you know a bit more about them. Joe Rogan is a one of the popular stand-up artist in the United States, he has fans all over the world. He is able to gather thousands of people at his performances. Being a successful entrepreneur, he earns millions. He is a kind of a role model: Joe looks great, engages in a healthy lifestyle and sport.

This couple has been living together for several years. They avoided mention of scandals and unsightly details of their personal lives in the press. Other famous actors decorate the front pages of the tabloid press with their names and indecent photography. Happiness loves silence - perhaps this is the secret of many years of peaceful life.

Jessica Rogan is a celebrity in her own right and these are all the things you need to know about their very secretive family and lifestyle.

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