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“The more you do, the more they hate you” — Billie Eilish has stopped reading Instagram comments

Alexander Alexeenko - 19.02.20

“It ruined my life”: Billy Ailish told why she stopped reading comments on her Instagram account.

The winner of the Grammy Music Award, 18-year-old American singer Billy Eilish talked about why she has stopped reading the comments under her Instagram posts. According to the girl, they ruined her life. During an interview with Louise Minchin, BBC presenter, she was asked if Billy was reading the comments under her posts on Instagram. Eilish said she recently stopped reading comments on that social media site.


Eilish noted the sharp increase of popularity attracted Internet trolls, who often and unreasonably wrote various nasty things to her. Most of them upset the performer. According to Eilish, the trolls like to leave offensive comments about her outlook, because they think this is funny.

The problem is that I always wanted to stay in touch with the fans and continue to communicate with them. But the Internet is so badly affecting my life that I struck it out —replied Eilish to Louise Minchin.

The young singer emphasized that “the better you do something, the more people hate you. The social media trolls's activity impacts on my mental health".

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