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Birds of a feather: a touching friendship of Chihuahua Lundi and Herman the pigeon

Alexander Alexeenko - 18.02.20

An unusual couple of friends met in a rescue center — and have been inseparable. Pigeon Herman cannot fly, and Lundy puppy cannot walk. But this is not an obstacle for true friendship. They support each other and cuddle all the time.


Two-month-old Chihuahua Lundi made friendship in a rescue center with a pigeon Herman. Their photos were published on Facebook, after that they became real celebrities.

Lundy cannot walk due to a spinal injury, according to the Daily Mail. In January, he was brought to the Mia Foundation in New York, which rescues animals with congenital health problems. There he met his friend Herman, a long-standing resident of the center: a pigeon cannot fly.


The founder of the center, Sue Rogers, said that the couple is inseparable. Animals love to snuggle together while lying on their furry rug.
Rogers also said that she suspects that Herman is actually female.

This fact was prompted by the fact that the dove seemed to adopt a puppy. According to her, she plans to put Lundy on his paws and find him a new family.

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