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A gift to ourselves: ARMY bought a recent photo of BTS

Alexander Alexeenko - 12.04.19

Еach BTS fan individually is not so strong, but when ARMY come together, they become the most powerful and united force that you can imagine. It's not a secret that fans of the boy band giving gifts to their idols. But sometimes ARMY itself helps their members, too.

Recently, fans of the boy band made one of the best gift to themselves. After the guys performed on “KIIS FM Jingle Ball” on December 6, the new BTS photo appeared on the network, which fascinated ARMY.


Unfortunately, the picture was posted on Shutterstock, so it was impossible to download it for free and without watermarks. But is there something impossible for ARMY? The photo costs 200 dollars. Therefore, when one of the group's fans opened a general fundraising through PayPal, and after a few minutes the necessary amount was collected. 47 BTS fans make it possible. needed to buy the picture. Each fan paid 4.2 dollars on average for that photo.


It seems that New Year came to BTS fandom much earlier than planned!

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