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The coastal city of Half Moon Bay has completed its 49th festival of arts and pumpkins

Alexander Alexeenko - 22.10.19

The city is in Northern California, less than 30 miles south of San Francisco along the famous Pacific Coast Highway. Half Moon Bay has a historic center, its houses offer scenic views of the ocean, it is surrounded by coastal agricultural land, including many pumpkin plots.

Every fall, city dwellers come together to celebrate the fruit harvest at the annual Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival. This year, nearly 100 thousand people gathered for the holiday.


Founded in 1971, the festival takes place in October on the weekend after Columbus Day. Festive events stretch for half a mile along the main street of Half Moon Bay.

At the festival, as always, there was a parade of pumpkins with an orchestra, people in costumes and classic cars. Many visitors to the festival with pleasure became participants in the competition for eating pumpkin pies and carving masterpieces from pumpkins.

However, the big event is a real pumpkin weighing contest. This year’s winner, an amateur from Napa, California, took home $ 15,000 and won the heaviest pumpkin, which weighed 2,175 pounds.

The man says that he began to grow fruits in 2000 for the sake of pleasure, and in 2011 already won the competition. He says he enjoys the pumpkin community and is proud of his plants and encourages them to continue growing.

 orange fruits

There were a lot of giant orange fruits at the festival. Artist Peter Hazel managed to create a mega-gourd mosaic pumpkin sculpture that measures 12 feet in length, 11 feet in height and weighs 10,000 pounds

Pumpkin flavor invariably brings the participants of the celebration to the cuisine of the festival Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin. Numerous vendors offer food and drinks made from pumpkin: pies, cheesecake, ice cream, pancakes and even chicken pumpkin sausages, pasta and pumpkin seed cheese.

Typical dishes are also served here: fried turkey legs, hot beef sandwiches, french fries with garlic. California coastal buffs can enjoy marinated brussels sprouts and steamed artichokes in garlic, herbs and olive oil.

Half Moon Bay brewing company offers pale ale made from locally-fried pumpkins, pumpkin margarita and mojito, as well as other seasonal beers and wines.

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