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A new landmark has appeared in New York - the Joker Staircase

Alexander Alexeenko - 21.10.19

These ordinary steps in the Highbridge area in the Bronx, which has a reputation for being a not-so-quiet place, have recently become very attractive for those who like to take pictures.


Locals are not very happy with the liveliness that has been installed on the stairs for some time. They even scare her visitors with the fact that in the Bronx them can rob.

And comedian Desus Nice wrote on his Twitter that it’s now worth taxing everyone who visits the Joker’s ladder.

But fans of the movie "Joker", thanks to which the new landmark was named, is not scared. It is important for them that the main character of the film more than once passes through this really existing staircase.

red suit

It is here that the Joker, after transforming himself into DC's main supervillain DC comics, dances his extravagant dance on the stairs. His role was played by actor Joaquin Phoenix, and he danced on the steps from the song of Gary Glitter's "Rock And Roll Part 2".

In the story, the Joker in a red suit and with a cigarette in his mouth dances on the stairs before setting off for Murray Franklin's evening show. Even before the release of the picture, the scene with the Joker dance became a meme. And the dance itself was repeatedly repeated by cosplayers.

Now, tourists and residents of the city are photographed in typical Joker dance poses and red costumes.

The drama "The Joker" by Todd Phillips claims to be one of the most successful films of the age category R. In three weeks of world distribution, kinokomiks collected more than $ 700 million.

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