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Rammstein: the secret of success

Alexander Alexeenko - 21.10.19

Rammstein is not just a cool sounding German word. Everyone who hears that word begin imagine something rude and hard because of their style. The feature is a sweeping everything in its path heavy industrial sound going well with rough German vocal and constant stage shocking. Summed up eyes and pointed lips, black-colored nails and extraordinary garb make millions of people from all over the world to fell in love with them.

That is the success - worldwide fame and formed image, that is what the musicians work for, isn't it? A lot of young beginners of rock music think exactly the same, imitate these German men trying to repeat their success. At the same time nobody muse about the difficulties they encountered and problems befelling them.


Starting the career path in 1994 as "Rammstein" officially, the six men from Germany began their experiments in music combining a low voice to the sound of heavy rhytmic music with synthesizing instrument. Almost from the beginning they used pyrotechnics in their performances and thereby increased the entertainment of their shows. The members of the group even had to take pyrotechnics courses to control everything during the show. Perhaps this is the main schtick of Rammstein that attracts people and encourages them to buy tickets to Rammstein concerts that are sold out in the early days of sales' start.

Rammstein show

Few people know about more than 50 trucks transporting requisites for their shows. They really need it because there are different plots for every song. Here is also a big work requiring diligence and patience, and also artristry. That is the another reason of full stadiums.

Concert stadium

Except numerous repetitions and studying of equipment usage Rammstein is always heatedly discussed and criticized a lot. That happens because of provocative lyrics and sometimes creepy performances they actively prepare for. Some of their photoshoots and all video clips create the same impression. Why?

Rammstein is not only a group playing cool music and making unusual performances. It tells stories that people try to avoid and raise problems that society afraid to admit. In spite of this tens of articles and reports criticizing the group for every song, video and even a gesture do not stop its' members to do their activity. To some extent it inspires them to do more, and of course, the army of fans who support them in everything and want to get new madness from them do not stand aside.

The secret is their policy named boldness. And their success lies entirely in boldness. We can find something like that also in different music genre performers but they use another methods of achieving their goals, not so provocative and not so scandalous.

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