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Why Lana Del Rey is the queen of alternative music?

Alexander Alexeenko - 21.10.19

Now this year of 2019 we are witnessing the beginning of new Lana Del Rey’s “Norman Fucking Rockwell!” era

Norman Fucking Rockwell

“Due to strong positions on the music charts Lana Del Rey’s album “Norman Fucking Rockwell”! it may have a good chance to win for Album of the Decade nomination” – says Q Magazine.


Further happens even more:

According to Billboard Lana’s album should be the nomination leader for Album of the Decade at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. Talking about Grammy, here is the list of Lana Del Rey’s nominations at the Grammy 2020.

- Album of the year: “Norman Fucking Rockwell!”

- Record of the year: “Norman Fucking Rockwell!”

- Song of the year: “Norman Fucking Rockwell”

- Best pop vocal album: “Norman Fucking Rockwell!”

- Best pop solo performance: “Norman Fucking Rockwell”

- Best video: “Doin’ Time”

Grammy Awards

In the last week “Norman Fucking Rockwell!” got No.37 on main America’s album chart “Billboard 200”. Over the past 7 days it has been sold 14,300. And all in all, it has been sold 203,100 units in the United States. Norman Fucking Rockwell! album peaked at #3 in the chart, and this album already spent 6 weeks in total.

The next who noticed Lana’s success is Pitchfork. This internet magazine called “Norman Fucking Rockwell” 19th best album of this decade. Moreover, Lana took 8th position among the women in this list.

The new achievements and old success

It’s important to mark the October 7th – this day marks the 8th anniversary of the official legendary Video Games! And at UK’s annual music awards run by Q magazine Video Games won Song of the Decade nomination. Unfortunately, Lana couldn’t reach the rewarding in the UK, but she sent the video where she thanked everyone and apologized for her absence (because of touring) at the meeting.


And after so many years Lana Del Rey’s classic track was called the best 9th song of this decade by Pitchfork.


Also, her single “The greatest” from Norman Fucking Rockwell album got in this list and took 79th position.

Dreams come true

That’s not news for Lana’s fans she had the dream to be as close as possible with her idols. For instance, on the stage. Since she was a child music meant a lot to her, and now in 2019, Lana’s performance at Hollywood Bowl proved this.


She wrote down her performance in music history by perfectly singing with her music idols like Chris Isaak with Wicked Game, and she also performed a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel No. 2 with his son Adam Cohen.

Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen

Sean Ono Lennon took part in her not only one single performance, but a few concerts with their song “Tomorrow never came” from her Lust for Life album. We have to mention appearing of famous special guests like Jesse Rutherford of The Neighbourhood with Daddy Issues song, Joan Baez with Bob Dylan’s “Diamonds and Rust” (surprise duet with Lana). Besides, Lana performed “Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me To Have - But I Have It” for the first time accompanied by Jack Antonoff.

Sean Ono Lennon


Joan Baez

Also, Lana recorded the back vocal for Cat Power’s song “Women” from her new Wanderer album in 2018. No need to say Cat Power is Lana’s idol too.

Cat Power

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