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The long-awaited release of the animated series "Casagrandes"

Alexander Alexeenko - 19.10.19

Nickelodeon for the first time in the United States will present a motion picture, which tells about a Mexican-American family of several generations. This is a story about 11-year-old girl Ronnie Annie, her older brother and single mother, who leave the suburbs to move to relatives in the fictional Great Lake City. The apartment is a large and noisy family located above the Casagrandes winery owned by grandfather Ronnie Ann, and opposite the subway path.


Unlike previous cartoons with Latinos, such as the Fox Bordertown series of 2016, Casagrandes is looking for family-oriented themes such as love, friendship, and jealousy. Family members, including Ronnie Ann's mother, work hard and live in a crowded apartment, but the situations that arise in this small space are always accompanied by good humor at the request of the cartoon authors.


Miguel Puga, the main director of the show, a first-generation Mexican American, lived in a large family as a child. He had the idea to make hispanic family. To make the cartoon seem authentic, he shared his experience growing up in East Los Angeles and how his house was always full of family and parties.

“I just talked about how this happens, and everyone liked it,” said Puga. The director wanted to attract more Latin American artists. Thus, he turned to the syndicated animator Lalo Alcaras, who was a consultant for the Coco animated film, which received the Oscar in 2017.


Alcaras agreed to join the series as a producer-consultant and writer. He wrote an episode dedicated to The Day of the Dead and how different cultures fight the death of loved ones. However, not all episodes deal with serious topics. Sometimes a talking family parrot gets into trouble and bills. In other cases, uncle disappears into the night and experiences his former life as a skateboarder.

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