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Does literature predict our future?

Alexander Alexeenko - 19.10.19

Yevgeny Zamyatin and We, Aldous Huxley and Brave New World, George Orwell and 1984, Ray Bradbury and Fahrenheit 451.

And who's next?

Did you hear about Lois Lowry? You have to.

Guess what we are going to discuss? Possible future. And dystopia.

Lois Lowrybook

The book The Giver contains transparent shades of dystopia even on its first pages. When you start to read this book it feels like shivers getting your back because there was a very realistic presentation of our possible future. Should it be a prediction or just a fiction? Maybe there are some people that feel the beginning of the end. So we can only wait for it without knowing what will happen next.

A society without individual features, names, choice – is it what we deserve? It’s pretty clear to see the connection between our society and impersonal society in this book so obvious. As proof we can draw a parallel between some restrictions and point at the most possible variations acceptable for us in the future. For instance, it is censorship.

It is really felt that the censorship can be the first move to the faceless type of society like The Giver society. If you do not have a single right to say something without fear of being punished, that means there is no freedom. Nowadays we can see it everywhere, firstly in social nets (such as imprisoning people for posts and reposts in VK) and in government’s work (such as consideration of absurd bills), but we do not have the Rules yet so that is why a chance for saving the individuality and the voice still exists.


The second thing that can happen (like it happened in The Giver) is the birth control and the release of people. Human beings should have no power to take under control those natural things concerning other human beings. That is, at least, unethical, humiliating and unnatural. Sometimes it would be a perfect solution for street kids and unwanted babies problem. From there arises another problem: nobody has the right to end a man’s life. But The Giver society doesn’t know about it. They are not allowed to know everything as well. All of the above proves this opinion – that is a crime against the human race as a whole. This is the dark side of it.


The last common thing between this fiction and our present societies is the hidden manipulation over people. If fiction society has been brought to the point of no return, we are still dealing with the lack of truthful information on TV, social nets and other means of communication; laws are decreasing the quality of life and prices increase. So, what is happening in the book seems more like the beginning of the end.

Antidemocratic regime

Is that book frightening, but it is also fascinating, isn’t it? It caused a feeling of disgust and curiosity at the same time. Interesting, huh?

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