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Best Pathfinder Adventure Path — guide for beginners

Alexander Alexeenko - 09.06.20 (updated 09.06.20)

Paizo's Pathfinder RPG can handle a lot of adventure styles with Golarion's fantastic “kitchen sink”. To make it easy for game masters (grandmasters) to have a pleasant adventure in the style of a campaign for players, Paizo developed (and then improved) the Adventure Path model. If you’d like to know, what is the best Pathfinder Adventure Path, keep on reading.


1. Best Pathfinder Adventure Path

The best Pathfinder Adventure Path is a series of 6 monthly 96-page paperback books. Each of the 6 separate volumes contains one part of the adventure path, as well as several fantastic reference articles that will help grandmasters realize the adventure path. 6 parts have a connecting theme and story that links all the parts into one epic campaign, which starts at level 1 and takes players to middle and high teens or even to level 20. What is the best Pathfinder Adventure Path —it’s a question mark.

Pathfinder Adventure Paths are the flagship Pathfinder RPG. Indeed, Best Pathfinder Adventure Path trails were the first to bear the name of the Pathfinder. The first four adventure paths (24 volumes) were published before the Pathfinder role-playing game was released, and were written according to the rules of D&D 3.5.

Years later, Adventure Paths can be chosen from a multitude of history options.

2. Range of the best Pathfinder Adventure Path

Rise of the Runelords (August 2007) The very first and the best Pathfinder Adventure Path still — in many ways — the best, especially because it has been updated and republished as a one-volume hard drive. The Rise of the Early Lords begins with stupid goblins, but quickly introduces horror elements, as well as epic battles with giants and much more.

In fact, the story stretches up and down the Lost Coast, a key geographic area of the Golarion. Not only does the story offer remarkable diversity, but it is also rich in Pathfinder knowledge, which makes it great for understanding the environment. As a result, RotR is the AP to launch Pathfinder players for the first time.

The Curse of the Crimson Throne (February 2008) While RotR was a buzz throughout the countryside, The Curse of the Crimson Throne (CotCT) is an urban adventure steeped in two-faced intrigue. CotCT also received an updated hardback re-release, just as impressive as RotR. The plot tells about the beautiful queen who ascended the throne of Corvos, the key city in the Golarion.

The adventure takes players from the squalid lower abdomen of the city all the way to the throne room, and then introduces new interesting encounters for players, such as chasing rules on rooftops. Theн say that it is the best Pathfinder Adventure Path.

The second darkness (August 2008). This AP begins on the muddy streets of Riddleport, then at the beginning of Book 3, a tonal shift occurs when adventurers interact with the drow, dark elves of the Dark Lands (Underdark). If players are into creepy portents on doom, SD can be interesting. Just warn, he did not receive a hardcover update for the full Pathfinder rules and, as a result, requires some work balancing.

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