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All you need to know about Ashton Meem

Alexander Alexeenko - 28.05.20 (updated 29.05.20)

Ashton Meem is widely known as the former wife of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Ashton Meem has become known for her relationship with Super Bowl champion, Seattle Seahawks leader and highest-paid NFL player.


1. Ashton Meem bio

She attended St. Catherine's High School, which was the oldest private girls' school in Richmond. She later entered the University of Georgia. However, Ashton Meem moved to North Carolina State University in Raleigh to be with Russell Wilson, her boyfriend. In 2010, she received a bachelor's degree in communications.

Ashton completed an internship with Lewis Partners and McKinney in media marketing, and then worked as an art consultant. In the end, after graduation, she was hired by American Family Insurance to work as an advertising operations assistant, a position she still holds.

2.Relations of Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson

They first met in high school and fell in love at their first meeting. After leaving school, they both entered different Universities but, fortunately, they maintained relations at a distance. Ashton joined Russell at the University of North Carolina. The couple became engaged in August 2010 after graduating of Ashton. On January 14, 2012, Ashton Meem became Russell Wilson's first wife when they tied the knot at a Virginia Country Club.

In addition to her media career, Ashton was an event organizer, and she enjoyed opening her own wedding planning company. She organized their wedding with impressive details, making sure that every aspect corresponded to her tastes and preferences. Ashton Meem exhibited an extraordinary elegant J. Crew Bridal wedding dress in New York, and Russell was dressed in an expensive designer costume.

Their wedding was crowned by the presence of nine grooms and bridesmaids, attended by about 300 guests, all of whom were dressed for the occasion. However couple divorced after two years of marriage. It was rumored that Ashton Meemb was allegedly having an affair with teammate of Russell Wilson and Golden Tate.

However, the alleged case remains unconfirmed to date, but fans believe this is the main reason for their divorce. In 2014, after Tate left Seattle Seahawks, he tried to clarify that he was not related to his friend’s wife. During their divorce, Russell led his team, Seattle Seahawks, to a glorious season to become Super Bowl XLVIII champions in 2013. Russell has been nominated and received various awards. He was named the 2012 NFL Rookie and has been invited to the Pro Bowl four times. Now Ashton lives her own life far from pubblicity.

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