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Tom MacDonald net worth 2020

Alexander Alexeenko - 23.05.20 (updated 23.05.20)

The star’s first glance gives you tattoos, body piercings and strange fears, but that’s not all. Despite his gangster appearance, the musical style and skill of Tom MacDonald amaze many, since he is really talented. Moreover, he takes his music career seriously. Well, what is Tom MacDonald net worth and who is he?


1. “Gangsta paradise” — Tom MacDonald net worth

Like other male rappers such as Eminem, MacDonald is once again causing excitement in the music industry when he rises to take his place. In addition, as his popularity grows, so does Tom MacDonald net worth grows.

Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper and media personality with a lot of fans. He became famous after releasing his first track “Helluvit” in 2018. Currently, the star boasts over 500,000 YouTube followers and over 140,000 Instagram followers. He also produced other tracks, such as Dear Rappers, which have collected over 400,000 views on YouTube.

2. Early years and Tom MacDonald net worth

Tom MacDonald was born in September 1988 in Canada. He is currently turning 32 years old, and his birthday is September 21. The rapper was born to his mother, Lee Ann MacDonald. He also has a sister who married in July 2019. His father's name remains unknown. Famous people with whom he shares his birthday include Jason Derulo, Dave Culle, Liam Gallagher and Bill Murray.

Not much is known about Tom's father and his family, but according to his behavior on social networks, he is close to them. MacDonald is a family man, and this can be seen in the numerous photos of his family in his posts on social networks. Meaning Tom MacDonald net worth, we can assume about Christmas presents to family.

He currently lives in Los Angeles on a visa due to his work and busy schedule, increasing Tom MacDonald net worth. Living on a visa has been a daunting task for a Canadian rapper like more than time; he faced legal problems due to legal terminations in the USA. When he was on a tour of Los Angeles, authorities told him that his visa had expired, but he only knew about it two days later.


Unlike most celebrities, Tom MacDonald has a public stereotype about relationships. He never shies away from revealing his current partner, as evidenced by his posts on social networks. He often pours love on her, based on their photos on the Internet. In addition, unlike most celebrities who often change partners, Tom has always stayed with his partner Nova Rockafeller since 2017. Nova is a rapper, director, and producer with over 35,000 Instagram followers.

According to information about the status of the latest celebrities, Tom MacDonald net worth is about 700 thousand dollars. He gets his main income from rap. The celebrity also boasts residential real estate, lifestyle and salary, which contributes to its current net worth.

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