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Cinema influences the nature of New Zealand

Alexander Alexeenko - 17.10.19

The beautiful landscapes, magnificent forests, awfully deep lakes, foggy and coldest rivers of New Zealand. And cinema. What is the connection between these things? The recent events in the film industry suggest: can cinema influence to the environment? But it is a fact the cinema influenced the nature of New Zealand for sure. But how? To deal with this controversial issue, we need to consider two points of view, one of which says that the movie industry does not influence, and the other - the environment gets some changes.

New Zealand

Yes, the filming influences nature, in particular case New Zealand. Interestingly, to build a real Shire (the village of the hobbits) the workers had to recreate an exact copy of the John Howe and Allan Lee's drawings. That is, the workers planted grass and flowers, built a small pub (functioning as a real pub and restaurant now), and the houses for the hobbits - the holes with big round doors.

green dragon

The village Hobbiton was built in Matamata. Now this place is one of the most popular sightseeing in New Zealand. Also, the workers along with the shooting crew planted vegetables and trees for better realism. This work began 2 years before filming, because the director Peter Jackson wanted to it was all for real, to the actors feel the atmosphere. And all that was planted grew, grew stronger and changing chosen location, turning it into a fantasy village.

movie sethobbit hole

Does this mean that the nature changes under the influence of the movie? Let's look at a different point of view. How was said, the cinema does not influence nature. Why is that? It happens because New Zealand is the country that controls its surroundings, as its unique nature. It concerns many spheres of life including tourism. There is a list of the rules for it. For instance, tourists must rinse their shoes before leaving the airport to foreign soil has not got into the local soil. As for shooting famous film trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” was filmed in the studio and on location. They needed a lot of scenery to shoot a huge amount of scenes. In the second part of the film “The Two Towers” Weta Workshop built the capital of Rohan – Edoras and Theoden Palace on the mountain Sunday, Canterbury. Also, they made it up in 8 months for 10 days of filming only! But at the end of the filming, all decorations were removed and the soil was restored. Under the laws of New Zealand Government, all the shooting places in nature should be returned to its original condition. So the area has preserved its original appearance.


So how beautiful nature and film scenery coexist together, in synthesis? The film industry makes adjustments in the environment of New Zealand anyway. Though a small part of it. And after the shooting, New Zealand Government saved “The Hobbit” scenery as sightseeing. And the changes that brought Peter Jackson's films in the nature of New Zealand's clear now and in the future, they will become even more visible. Especially in two-three years so far after the shooting in 2019 long-expected “The Lord Of The Rings” - a brand new TV-series by Amazon Studios.


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