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5 greatest movies about loneliness

Alexander Alexeenko - 05.05.20

Here is a selection of films in which the theme of voluntary or forced loneliness is repeated for various reasons. The main characters in movies about loneliness are removed from society, fighting with their own psychological demons, or simply circumstances throw them into distant distances.

These are thoughtful and emotional movies about loneliness on a fascinating topic that we hope you enjoy.


1. Movies about loneliness: Wild Strawberries (1957)

Wild Strawberries is a psychological drama by the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, reflecting on the subject of self-knowledge. The main character is Professor Isak Borg. He goes to an honorable meeting dedicated to the 50th anniversary of his professional career, and along the way he surrenders himself to visions, then to memories, and rethinks his entire lived life.

This black-and-white film is one of Bergman's best works, which received high marks from critics and viewers.

2. One of the best movies about loneliness: Taxi Driver (1976)

A film by Martin Scorsese about a mentally unbalanced taxi driver named Travis. The main character, perfectly played by Robert de Niro, lives on his own, suffers from insomnia, works at night. He is a sociopathic Vietnam War veteran thrown to the sidelines of life. Every night, Travis wanders alone, sees thieves, prostitutes, pimps and at some point decides to “clean” the city.

3. An outsanding example of movies about loneliness Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring (2003)

The film shows the true human drama of a hero who, in desperation, himself throws a merciless challenge to society and the system. “Spring, summer, autumn, winter ... and spring again” is a kind of movies about loneliness, South Korean film set on an isolated lake, where an old healer and his young pupil live in a small floating temple.

Together with the heroes, we observe how one season replaces another, and how the years pass by. Occurring events seem as inevitable as the change of time, showing the life cycle. This is a bewitching drama of Kim Ki Duk with dialogues and unpretentious history, a calm and contemplative masterpiece ideally matching the formula: "when less means more."

4.Her (2013)

A beautiful science fiction love story from Spike Jonze, in which the hero Theo (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love with the operating system of his computer (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). It could be names as an example of movies about loneliness

A bold, romantic, melancholy melodrama about a lonely writer and his computer love may well be prophetic, judging by how reverently some people already regard their iPhone and MacBook Pro.

5.Mary and Max (2009)

The plasticine animated tragicomedy of the Australian animator Adam Elliot is based on real events, as noted in the opening credits. This is a story about an 8-year-old girl Mary from a distant Australian suburb and a 44-year-old Jew named Max who lives in bustling New York. The girl is suffering from neglect of the father-taxidermist and alcohol addicted mother, like in typical movies about loneliness.

Mary selects a random name in the Manhattan phone book and sends a letter to a man named Max Horowitz. To Mary’s great surprise and joy, the answer came to her. So two different people separated by two continents became penpals for many years.

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