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3 movies like Fight Club

Alexander Alexeenko - 04.05.20

In 1999, the movie Fight Club was released. After watching it, many viewers are impressed and try to find movies like Fight Club.


1. Movies like Fight Club: Falling Down

Slim, who worked as a waitress, dreamed of changing her life. And once she met him - Mitch, rich, handsome, who immediately turned the girl's head. Without hesitation, the lovers got married, bought a house and have been raising a daughter for 5 years. Soon Slim understands the price of his short-lived happiness.

Mitch began to cheat on his wife, and when she decided to just pick up the child and leave, she brutally beat her beloved wife. Slim manages to leave the house and hide her daughter from a crazy husband, but she leaves the villain unpunished.

The daily routine of life becomes monotonous and predictable. Life loses its meaning. The realization that everywhere lies and deception forces us to act. Sudden freedom is intoxicating. Similar characters allow us to say that before us is movies like Fight Club.

2. Movies like Fight Club: Trainspotting

This is the story of five friends who have only one thing in common: complete drug dependence. And this addiction brings them to the last line. They steal, kill, sit on a needle, smoke and hide from the police. These are lonely socially dangerous psychopath guys who are comfortable with their lifestyle. They hate society so much that they are constantly forgotten in a drug dope. The story is conducted in the first person - a young guy, a Scotsman Mark Renton, trying to "tie up".

The protest against the rules imposed by society can be expressed in different ways. The desire for freedom can result in a fall into the abyss, and whether there will be a strong hand of a friend nearby, capable of catching and stopping the fall. Critics call it one of the best movies like Fight Club.

3. Movies like Fight Club: Se7en

A detective named William Somerset has long been engaged in criminal investigation and more and more often he is dreaming of retirement and moving to another less “tainted” city. Only seven days remain until retirement, but two incidents happen - a brutal murder takes place in the city and a young partner Mills falls on William's head. An experienced detective understands in an instant that the following will immediately follow the bloody murder, and soon his guesses are confirmed. As it turns out maniac.

No matter how long society exists, there will always be those who do not want to go in the general order. They are looking for their truth, they are ready for anything to break the generally accepted norms. They have an idea that leads them forward, only their methods are not always peaceful, because they want to destroy their usual lives. Moviegoers say it looks like movies like Fight Club.

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