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10 mind-blowing movies you've never heard of

Alexander Alexeenko - 03.05.20

We are sure that you have heard these names - David Lynch, Paul Thomas Anderson, Darren Aronofsky, but few people know about some of their diamond mind bending movies that are not in the public eye.

1. One of the best mind bending movies — Apart

If David Lynch were filming Romeo and Juliet, the result would be something like this. The film “Separate” refers to the psychological illness of “induced delusional disorder,” in fact a mental illness that causes hallucinations shared between two or more people. In our case, throughout the life of friends and lovers.

2. Across the Hall

Unfortunately, Brittany Murphy died during the filming of this picture. “Across the Corridor” was her last film. It reveals the tragic fate of her heroine. Paying tribute to the noir genre, the film looks like a puzzle, in accordance with the fashionable concept of non-linearity, where each scene shows a new piece of the puzzle.

3. Mind bending movies as tribute to Orwell — Animal Farm


Based on the famous novel by George Orwell, this film was nominated for an Emmy Award. Although the plot is linear, it is one of those films that begin as a carefree dream, but eventually turn into a nightmare.

4. Hotel Room

If anyone is known for surrealistic mind bending movies, this is David Lynch with his Twin Peaks. But few people know that in 1993 Lynch dealt another blow to the cinematic market in three episodes of the film called Hotel Room. Each episode takes place at different periods of time, although neither the hotel nor the age of the employees change, only the guests change.

5. The Dead Girl

This is the second film featuring Brittany Murphy from our list — a beautifully unfolding life story of those who join a young woman who chose the wrong path in life and was killed. This mind bending movie also looks like a puzzle, with coincidences and terrible omens that can be found in everything.

6. Where The Truth Lies

Among the famous mind bending movies of Atom Egoyan, such as Glorious Future and Exotica, this is probably the largest and most confusing and perhaps the least known. Although Alison Loman, Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth starred in the film, he went almost unnoticed. But if you missed it, you missed a lot. This film is multi-layered. It tells the story of not only the perfect murder and sweeping marks, but also how the book was written about this crime and its investigation several years after the commission.

7. Millennium Actress

Spirited Away is perhaps the most famous surreal mind bending movies in anime world. However, if anyone loves the "strange" in his films, it is directed by Satoshi Kon. His “Millennium Actress” talks about the famous actress who lived in seclusion for 30 years and finally agreed before her death in an interview with two journalists. “Oddity” comes when you begin to realize that journalists actually travel with her along the waves of her life.

8. Perfect Blue

If Satoshi Kon showed his sensitive side in the Millennium Actress, then his dark side is shown without any reservations in True Sorrow. The heroine of the film deals with the consequences of her ascent to fame and fortune. This is a film among mind bending movies that will surprise you and keep you in the dark until the very end. You will be in constant tension not only from watching cruel scenes with terrifying violence, but also from breaking away from reality itself. You may not want to watch this intricate story, but if you start, then watch through to the end.

9. Enemy

Underground sex clubs, big ugly spiders, a mysterious twin and much more make this mind bending movies a masterpiece of surrealistic cinema. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

10. Following

Christopher Nolan became famous after the success of his Batman trilogy and the creation of the movie Remember. But few people know about his first film, shot in 1998, which is not inferior to many famous films of this genre and is capable of blowing up the brain. The film tells the story of a writer who draws inspiration from the daily pursuit of strangers on the streets of London. He even set his own rules: never chase the same person twice, never penetrate their homes and never come to their work. But once he nevertheless violated this rule.

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