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5 mind blowing movies

Alexander Alexeenko - 01.05.20

There are films whose directors are big fans to make surprises for the viewer. Especially often the most delicious of all these surprises awaits the person at the end, when it already seems that the ending is clear and nothing interesting will happen anymore.

Express-News has collected some of mind blowing movies, tasty and unpredictable. At the end of each of these films is hidden an unexpected, but incredibly interesting twist that you want to applaud while standing.


1. Mind blowing movies «Dogville» is the best one

Amiable, open, attractive, Grace reminds us of an angel, and for the inhabitants of the city she is perfect. For women - the unattainable ideal of beauty and femininity, for men - the ideal and painful object of desire. They cannot allow Grace to be among them for who she is. She is different from them and will be punished for it. Cruelty is the main feature of those who suddenly gained power.

2. «The Orphanage»

For a man who loves children, this mind blowing movies will become one of the heaviest dramas of the entire movie. Despite the fact that we have already seen many details of the plot many times and know by heart, no clues and hints will help us independently understand what really happened, until the very retrospective of the events at the end. And, having watched the film to the end, we will be horrified. Not a fairy tale scares, reality scares, but this film is one of the best mind blowing movies.

3. Mind blowing movies «The Usual Suspects» needed to be watched

Skipping this film is one of the biggest stupid things in the life of a movie fan. The audience was presented with delicious food for the mind, two hours of reflection in search of truth and a solution, while managing not to reveal the cards until the last minute of the film. The viewer asks himself a lot of questions while watching a film, the plot elements of which the director built so intricately that figuring out who is who in this story will be quite a difficult task.

4. «Donnie Darko»

Each person has his own inner world: for some he is not visible even under a microscope, for others he has no boundaries. Donny has a rare gift - he knows how to see and predict events that occur in neighboring realities, and intertwine them with each other. These mind blowing movies needs to be watched once. And then think carefully and review.

5. «Mystic River»

This one of mind blowing movies is held on three pillars. Three heroes - a heartbroken father, a police detective and a third friend, a man with severe psychological trauma. The first wants to be the main and administers his justice, he is impulsive and rarely thinks about the consequences. The second is mundane, thorough and reasonable. The third is on its own. Nobody is interested in him, he is not interested in anyone, but if that happens, he will become extreme.

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