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Tran Jeong breast cancer cautionary tale

Alexander Alexeenko - 30.04.20

Vietnamese American, Tran Jeong is an American family medical physician. However, she is usually recognized because of the married Ken Jeong, known for his role as a mountain river in the 2009 series Community.

Ken dedicated his woman to a full show in 2009, as soon as he was offered the role of an actor in the famous Hangover series. Ken refused to work in The Hangover to be with his woman.


1. Tran Jeong biography

Tran Jeong was born in 1972 in the United States, her date of birth is known as twenty-four, February. It belongs to a Vietnamese quality partner and has Yankee status. The birth sign of the Vietnamese-American family doctor is Pisces. She was born and raised in America among Vietnamese community.

This is forty-seven years of a married woman and her husband of each district department of doctors. Tran can be a family doctor by profession. She gets her price online from her skilled work as a healthcare provider. Tran Jeong and her husband working in the field receive medical care, and according to Glassdor, the typical annual salary for a medical professional is $ 246,291. for her health care provider, her partner raised about $ 14 million online.

2. Tran Jeong healing story

Tran Jeong cancer treatment included sixteen sessions of therapy and cutting, followed by actinotherapy. At this point, Ken was offered to play the role of AN in the famous series “The Hangover”, but Ken refused the task in “The Hangover” to be with his better half. When the long-standing battle against Tran Jeong disease was declared cancer-free, when her first chemotherapy followed by shutdown was successful in October 2010.

Cancer is still known as mortality. More than half of those suffering from this disease do not receive traditional treatment in the country. Half of those who came for treatment died. This is due to a lack of awareness about cancer and the cost of treatment. There are currently 1 million cancer patients in the country. About 100,000 people die from this disease each year. Every year, half a million people become infected with this disease.

One out of every 100 woman suffers from breast cancer, and one out of every 1 women suffers from death. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death in our country. Every 1 minute a woman becomes infected, and every 1 minute a woman with breast cancer dies.

The couple’s long battle led to success when Tran Jeong was declared cancer free after her first chemotherapy followed by destruction was successful in October 2010.

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