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Pure comedy of shaking head meme

Alexander Alexeenko - 26.04.20

The woman, parrot and a rock star went viral for shaking their heads and shaking head meme is a pure comedy.

1. Shaking head meme may result in personal injury

This can serve as a clear warning, as you should not behave. The basis for many shaking head meme was popular rock concerts, short videos from which formed the basis for this. There are frequent cases of neck injuries during creating shaking head meme. Usually these are pains in the neck the next day, lasting some time, but sometimes quite serious injuries occur, with constant pain and restriction of head movement. There are also headaches and nosebleeds as a result of particularly active filming shaking head meme. Research on this subject was conducted by Australian scientists Andrew McIntosh and Declan Patton of the University of New South Wales. They published the results of the research in the British Medical Journal.


  • In 2005, Terry Balsamo, an Evanescence guitarist, suffered a stroke, which left his left body paralyzed. According to doctors, this was due to an injury to his neck resulting from constant headbanging.
  • In 2010, Tom Araya, bass player and vocalist of Slayer, underwent spinal surgery due to years of headbanging.
  • In September 2011, Megadeth's leader, Dave Mustaine, was injured and underwent spinal surgery.
  • In June 2016, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor had surgery on his neck after a concert.

So, whether you want repeating shaking head meme, be attentive.

2. Shaking head meme comes from nature

In 2014, the creator of the worldwide network, Tim Berners-Lee, admitted that cats had taken over the Internet. YouTube videos, memes, just pictures on social networks — there were fluffy everywhere.


In 2017, their empire staggered, and parrots replaced the cats. The situation is similar: users are interested in memes, shaking head meme of pets, pictures, videos with birds. So have the parrots replaced the cats? Definitely. They are loved precisely for the same reasons - they are touched by an unusual look and behavior.

How did they do it?

The history of parrots on the Internet for almost 10 years. According to the Know Your Meme website, they began appearing in 2010 at the 4chan English forum. The first meme was called a paranoid parrot. Another one is shaking head meme. About the flash mob on the forum told the publication of BuzzFeed. “A parrot allows you to look into the head of a person who thinks through everything,” journalists described him.

Shaking head meme quickly went beyond its scope. With his help, they showed not only paranoia, but simply often occurring or awkward situations. According to Google Trends, the peak of the popularity of the meme came in August 2010.

Bizarre behavior and unusual appearance attracted the attention of birds even outside the meme. for the ability to shake his head a new meme has appeared.

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