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Funniest nature memes

Alexander Alexeenko - 24.04.20

Yes, not a day without new jokes on the Internet. Time for nature memes! At the beginning of March it became known that in China the air became cleaner due to the downtime of vehicles, power plants and industrial enterprises. Then it did not catch people. But the fake about dolphins returning to Venice’s water finally gave birth to a viral joke: “Nature has cleared so much that ...” or nature memes. In general, the joke accelerated for a long time, gaining momentum only now. We found funny jokes on nature memes among users of social networks.


1. Nature memes: how it happened

The essence of the joke nature memes is that after the phrase “nature has become so purified that ...” you need to substitute an action or situation that would be unlikely to happen to you in “ordinary” life — before coronavirus and self-isolation. For example, part of the nature memes jokes is based on the fact that girls cannot get to hairdressers and find out their true hair color, and another part on the fact that people began to listen and watch genres of music or shows that are completely atypical for them.

2. Nature memes— best examples

It seems that there is still no joke that would not be used for banter over the "unnecessary" and "far-fetched" professions of the modern world.

  • Due to quarantine, nature has become so purified that barista, marketers, and personal growth trainers return to the villages.
  • Even the laws of physics shook.
  • Nature has become so purified that physics is reset and perpetual motion machines are possible!
  • Russian social work user: Due to universal self-isolation, nature has become so purified that Ukraine, Syria, terrorism and national projects have disappeared from the TV screens.
  • Just unbelievable! Due to the new quarantine, nature has become so clean that Ukraine has disappeared from Russian TV.
  • Russian television does not look the same as before. That case when it would be funny if it were not so sad.

Naturally, there were some nature memes jokes on the formers and exes:

  • Let's start all over again. Nature has not yet been so purified.
  • Nature during the quarantine period was so clean that for the first time in 4 years I wrote the FIRST ex-husband for a minute

And someone is ironic over his desire for studying: nature is so purified that I appeared in University

Among the posts we even found some economic news. Perhaps the brand’s marketers did just that to become a meme, too? It is only a pity that for some expected events nature has not yet been completely purified.

I keep my fists so that during the quarantine the nature is so clean that the bombs and three crusts with smoke returned to the shops.

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