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Best introvert memes

Alexander Alexeenko - 23.04.20

All people are divided into two main types: extroverts and introverts. But usually they make fun of the latter. Silent, unsociable, immersed in their own inner world, they arouse suspicion of sociophobes. But in fact, these are wonderful, creative people, just communication takes away a lot of energy from them, so they limit it. And be proud if you are among their friends. You can’t imagine how tough the selection goes to those who are part of their little circle of friends. This contributed to the emergence of introvert memes.


1. Best introvert memes and jokes

Introvert memes helps to understand such people.

  • Never pick up phones from unfamiliar numbers. Perhaps these are acquaintances.
  • Now quarantine will show who the real introvert is and who just fools around.
  • Why am I not replying to messages? - I'm offended. “I'm too busy.” - To date, I have a social battery, I have exhausted the limit of communication and now I just want to lie in silence, and then have a good sleep or cry.
  • I AM 10 YEARS: I want to live in a huge castle. I AM 20 YEARS: I want to live in a bright spacious apartment. I AM 30 YEARS: I want to live in a tiny house somewhere deep in the woods, away from all these people.
  • I posted a resume and now I’m ignoring calls from unfamiliar numbers and don’t check my mail, otherwise I’ll be invited for an interview or they’ll take me to work.
  • The idea for a startup is the services of a bold extrovert. You pay money so that a person with you goes somewhere and asks there everything you need, because you are scared.
  • People need to cause moderate disgust, otherwise they will want to communicate with you.
  • Learning to dance in an introvert style: 1. Turn on the music. 2. We sit in the farthest dark corner. 3. We barely noticeably jerk our foot to the beat of the music. - Occasionally, you can still sing along to yourself.

Introvert memes give an understanding of sociophobia.

2. The effect of the spread of coronavirus on introvert memes

The risk of coronavirus infection in healthy people from being infected during movement depends on several factors, including their position in space and wind. Introvert memes urge to maintain social distance.

The problem was studied by scientists from the Leuven Catholic University (Belgium) and the Technical University of Eindhoven (Netherlands), their findings were published in a preliminary report. Let's distance ourselves from introvert memes. Doctors recommend keeping a distance so as not to “catch” the virus from a sick person. It is known that a new infection spreads to microscopic droplets of fluid released through the nose and mouth of an infected person by breathing, sneezing, or coughing. At close range, you can inhale COVID-19, or it will fall on your face or hands. Therefore, introvert memes fully reflect the essence of reality.

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