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Amusing nature healing meme

Alexander Alexeenko - 22.04.20

As people around the world were trapped indoors, trying to stop the spread of coronavirus, satellites orbiting the earth recorded a marked decrease in air pollution. With the decrease in the number of cars on the roads and the opening of factories, mankind is finally giving the planet a much-needed respite from CO2 emissions. This made the appearance of nature healing meme.


But there are also some incredible reports of nature that came directly from here to earth. People post photos and videos of animals thriving in our new, less human and therefore less toxic environment. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to quarantine cities and megacities across the planet, there have been many reports that emphasized how stopping life as we know it has affected the environment. That’s why new nature healing meme has come!

1. Funny or truthful nature healing meme

China was the first to see the historic fall of the harmful pollutant of nitrogen dioxide, with one scientist even demonstrating how tens of thousands of lives can be saved from premature deaths associated with air pollution. However, he himself hastened to add that the blockage was not a climate solution, and “saved lives” in no way reflect the pandemic in a good light. His research was aimed at demonstrating the importance of mitigating air pollution for human health and how we should take it more seriously when it all ends. indeed, this funny or truthful has rational.

2. Nature healing meme has created by rogue

There have also been reports of wildlife returning to cleaner waters and elusive species emerging from the shade, as localization leads to quieter national parks, but this is probably just an indicator of the importance of conservation efforts when life returns to normal. Although lockdown can cause the greatest reduction in CO2 emissions since World War II, a relatively short period of blocking (compared to the period when human intervention affected our environment) will not provide some miraculous cure.

Nature healing meme based on the deadly pathogen that led to the deaths of thousands of people and possibly plunged into poverty up to half a billion people is not a solution to the problem, which shown by nature healing meme.

However, this did not stop one now-suspended rogue on Twitter, who said: “The earth is healing. Air and water are cleaned. The corona is the solution. People are disease! ”

The recipe for such "popularity" nature healing meme is as simple as possible, turning annoying things that people say into a meme format.

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